- 24 Jan, 2019

How is NAV of Mutual Funds Calculated?

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Shraddhay Shekhawat

10 April, 2019

Net Asset Value is the price of each unit for a mutual fund. The profit and loss percentage in mutual funds is nothing but the percentage change in the NAV. It is calculated on every working day on the basis of performance of the stocks or securities present in the portfolio. If the majority of the stocks in the portfolio end on a positive note, then NAV is likely to gain value on that particular day and vice versa for the negative returns. 

Monu Jain

05 March, 2019

Calculation of NAV for any mutual fund is actually quite less complicated than it looks. However, to get the exact value, a very complicated process is involved. To calculate the NAV of a mutual fund simply, we can divide the net assets with a total number of units. Suppose, if a mutual fund with AUM of Rs 1,00,000 has 1000 units, then the NAV of the fund would be Rs 100.

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