- 14 Jan, 2019

Should I invest in gold funds instead of buying physical gold?

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Nishant Gupta

27 February, 2019

Obviously. Buying physical gold is an old and conventional investment that can be too costly if done in the current generation. Thanks to globalisation in every segment, we can now buy gold through mutual fund and it is much more rewarding than buying physical gold. Buying gold funds is better than buying physical gold due to the following reasons.

  • Physical gold can be stolen or lost and hence has a risk while buying it digitally through mutual funds one can stay safe as it cannot be stolen.
  • Purchasing gold digitally and physically costs the same amount but if you go to sell the physical gold in market then plenty of extra charges will be deducted and you will receive much lesser amount while in case of digital gold, no extra charges are involved and the gold can be sold on the prevailing rates in the market.
  • Digital gold can be bought and sold anywhere and anytime from any device online while the physical gold can only be bought in the jewellery shops.

Sourabh Acharya

23 April, 2019

Buying gold digitally is much more convenient and is also more rewarding than buying it physically. The rates are the same for buying and selling the physical gold as no extra charges are involved. This helps investors to prepare for the volatile market as gold funds can act as a hedge against volatility in the equity market. Buying physical gold good for nothing unless you want to wear it as jewellery. By buying physical gold and keeping it your lockers, you are destroying the buying power of your money.

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