- 17 Jan, 2019

Savings account is safe and secure then why should I invest in Mutual Funds?

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Anand Roy

20 April, 2019

Ordinary person work for money but a smart person make his money work for him! 

TATA, Birla’s, Ambani’s have listed their names in the forbes list because they know how to make their money work for them. They have accumulated more money from investments rather than saving, and this is the only reason they have entered in every economical sector.

In the same way, use your money for generating capital gains in the future.
One of the biggest mistakes that ordinary people do is that they keep their money to rest in the savings accounts and let the inflation rate consume all their money. Inflation rate greater than the interests rate degrades the worth of your money. In earlier days, you could have bought a week grocery item by Re. 1 and in the present scenario can you think of a single grocery item that costs Re.1, don’t scratch your head the answer is NO. 

Thus, you should invest in mutual fund market to gain capital to beat the inflation rate for living a comfortable life. Moreover, mutual funds have more growth potential and have provided healthy returns in the past. Thus, in my opinion you should invest in mutual fund.

Mutual Fund Sahi Hai!

Vivan Jain

18 April, 2019

No doubt, savings account are safe and secure but so are the mutual funds. Yes, you read that right. Amateur investors consider mutual funds as a single entity and they restrain themselves from the market opportunities. But little do they know that mutual fund has a large number of categories on the basis of risk and returns. Equity market on one hand are riskier with high returns, and on the other hand, debt funds are less riskier with less returns. Liquid fund is again a great example which is similar to the savings account and provides more returns.

I would like to conclude by saying that mutual funds as a whole is safe and secure just like savings account. Although, there are some category of funds that are risky but at the same time provides risk-adjusted return.
Therefore, choose your category of funds and invest wisely.
All the best!

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