- 17 May, 2017

Is it a good time to start SIP if the market is low?

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Karan Nagda

06 June, 2018

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a method to invest a fixed amount on predefined intervals. As for different payments made, the NAV is different hence the fluctuations are averaged out if the investments are done through SIP in the long run. The power of compounding is another benefit of SIP due to which it is one of the most beneficial methods to invest in India.

Kailash Mali

11 January, 2018

SIP investments are not structured for timing the market. In fact, one should never try to time the market if SIP is the mode of investment as you never know up to what extent the market can fall. Periodic investments are not about timing the market but what time you spend in the market decides the future outcome.

However, if an investor wants to take advantage of the dips and falls in the market, one can make additional purchases over SIP to buy more units at a cheaper price.

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