- 06 Jun, 2018

How to confirm that I am investing in the right mutual fund?

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Neha Sharma

28 December, 2018

Instead of investing in the wrong funds and facing loss, it is better to take advice from an expert. New investors should never choose direct mutual funds instead, seek some advice from professionals and invest in the most suitable regular mutual fund. Saving a small amount could be quite costly if you end up investing in the wrong mutual fund.

Amit Bhardwaj

12 June, 2019

Mutual funds have a variety of options available. Each fund has a different objective and follows different strategies by selecting different instruments for the portfolio. It is better to invest under the guidance of someone who is well aware of everything regarding mutual funds. If you have chosen the right scheme, you can see your portfolio and investments getting closer to your objective. If the target is looking too far from sight than re-balancing the portfolio under the guidance of a professional is a must.

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