- 10 Jan, 2019

At What NAV will I get my Mutual Fund?

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Taruna Bhatt

14 March, 2019

An investor can do the mutual fund investment on any business day but the NAV (Net Asset Value) depends on the cut-off time of mutual fund. Cut-off time is a pre-decided time that determines whether you will get the NAV of the same day, or the next day (next working day). In simple terms, the NAV depends on the time at which you submit your mutual fund application and the desired amount to the online mutual fund platform.

For instance, here the cut-off time is 1 pm which means that if you submit the application along with the amount before 1 pm then you will be allotted the NAV of previous day. Moreover, if you follow the same process after 1 pm, you will be eligible to receive the NAV of the next working day. Also, if you submit your application before 1 pm and deposit the amount after 1 pm then also you will receive the NAV of the next day.

Thus, according to your convenience, you can choose the desired time for making a mutual fund investment. 

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