Equity Savings Funds

Equity Savings Mutual Funds are those, which invest in opportunities that generates in debt and cash segments of the equity space through a arbitrage strategy. Equity Savings Schemes also invest a considerable part in the equity and related securities, to provide a higher returns to the investors. The allocation in these schemes are great option for investors, who want  moderate growth, and have a low to moderate risk appetite.

ICICI Prudential Long Term Equity Fund: Your best companion for last minute tax saving

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Fund Name Latest NAV (₹) Rating Return (%) Double Money In 1 Lac Grew To (₹)  
ICICI Prudential Equity Savings Fund - Cumulative option
Low to Moderate risk | Equity Savings
19.38 5 10.83 9Y 12M 1.34 L Invest
HDFC Equity Savings Fund - GROWTH PLAN
Moderately High risk | Equity Savings
54.59 4 14.17 8Y 3M 1.47 L Invest
Kotak Equity Savings Fund - Regular - Growth
Moderately High risk | Equity Savings
21.24 4 11.64 8Y 10M 1.43 L Invest
Axis Equity Saver Fund - Regular Plan - Growth
Moderately High risk | Equity Savings
18.24 4 10.6 10Y 1M 1.36 L Invest
SBI Equity Savings Fund - Regular Plan - Growth
Moderately High risk | Equity Savings
19.94 3 12.54 9Y 8M 1.48 L Invest
PGIM India Equity Savings Fund - Growth Option
Low to Moderate risk | Equity Savings
42.97 3 10.24 10Y 8M 1.43 L Invest
45.31 3 10.21 10Y 11M 1.34 L Invest
Nippon India Equity Savings Fund- Growth Plan- Growth Option
Moderately High risk | Equity Savings
13.79 2 11.01 73Y 4M 1.18 L Invest
DSP Equity Savings Fund - Regular Plan - Growth
Moderate risk | Equity Savings
17.82 2 12.29 11Y 3M 1.36 L Invest
18.8 1 10.47 11Y 10M 1.35 L Invest

Equity Oriented Hybrid Specialty Funds : It Will Work Wonders

Equity oriented hybrid specialty plans are the ones which allow the clients to invest majorly in the equity schemes along with a less but significant portion in the money market instruments. As the name suggests, the clients have access to a scheme which allows them to make use of their money in such a way that a single scheme can achieve the capital appreciation and security of funds. But, before understanding the details of the scheme, one must get to know the reason behind launching such a scheme.

Equity oriented hybrid specialty: Segregating the elements

Equity oriented hybrid specialty fund includes various elements that must be studied thoroughly before investing in this scheme. As already discussed, equity hybrid funds invest a major portion which is 65% of the equity and the remaining 35% in the debt instruments.
Equity or shares are the major attraction for the clients as they are capable of providing higher returns to the clients for building up an enormous amount over a period of time. There are clients who want to get the best returns for their investments and make use of each and every penny they put into a particular scheme.  
Money market instruments are the schemes which allow the clients to have a secured investment schedule. The clients who aspire to invest in mutual fund for its benefits but do not want to take the risk of losing their money go in for these funds. Money market instruments include bonds, debentures, securities, certificate of deposit, commercial paper, etc. The money market instruments can be of public or private companies. However, both of them serve the clients with safe investment methods along with allowing them to create a huge corpus.
Hybrid schemes are themutual fund plans that allow the customers to enjoy the benefit of equity and debt investments in a single plan. It is a perfect scheme for the clients who want their money to achieve a growth under equity schemes and at the same time intends to retain a portion of their investments under secured methods.
Therefore, equity oriented hybrid specialty funds are well known for providing the benefits of equity and debt in a single scheme. Equity debt funds are majorly for the clients who want to invest more in equity and at the same time want some of their money to be invested in the fixed income funds. Hence, instead of investing in two different schemes, the clients can avail the plus points of both the schemes by investing in a single plan.

Equity oriented hybrid specialty funds: A must invest

Equity hybrid funds are the most important schemes for the ones who want to row two boats at the same time without toppling over. If a client does not invest in equity hybrid schemes, then they would have to invest separately in equity and debt schemes. The clients will have to maintain the details of each scheme and will also have to remember SIP investment dates (if they opt for SIP). It will not only increase the burden on the clients but at the same time will result in a task which would consume more time and money. But, by investing in a single scheme, i.e., equity oriented hybrid scheme, the clients can easily make the best possible use of their time and money. This would make the clients happy and create an excellent impact on their portfolio. If a client has the investment strategy of investing in equity and debt schemes, then equity hybrid plans are the most accurate for them in terms of returns, time saving, twin benefits in a single scheme and single amount, etc. So, one can have many benefits from a single scheme.

To conclude, equity hybrid funds are a boon for the clients who want to include capital appreciation schemes and fixed income funds in their portfolio. The clients have to pay a single SIP for a attaining the benefits of two different schemes. MySIPonline.com offers you to invest in various equity oriented hybrid specialty funds which will make the clients happy and let them park their money in the correct schemes as well and offer the SIP return calculator for calculting the return for the invested amount.

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