Know How UTI ULIP Can Benefit You

UTI Mutual Fund is the most prominent asset management company(AMC) in India. It was incorporated in 1987, with an aim to offer the best mutual fund investment solutions to its clients. If you consider its history, you would be able to conclude that it has been performing immensely in the industry and has benefited various investors by providing information about uti ulip schemes in achieving their financial goals. Everyone needs the right platform to attain the expected growth in life, and UTI MF provides the same.

Everyone desires to make the best investment decision in life. In order to fetch the maximum possible returns, the mutual fund provides such programmes which cater the needs of varying investors. You too must be willing to put your hard-earned monies into the most profitable venture so as to attain the aspiring returns and growth. Here we are providing you with an overview of the UTI ULIP growth strategy that would help you know how it can add worth to your portfolio as well.

UTI Unit Linked Insurance Plan(ULIP) is among the best-performing hybrid fund schemes, which primarily invests in the debt-related securities. Mentioned below is the data specific evaluation of the UTI ULIP 15 year plan to help you get the brief of the same:

Investment Information

  1. The primary objective of this scheme is to provide returns via growth in the UTI ULIP NAV or through dividend distribution and reinvestment.
  2. UTI ulip is an open-ended dividend plan which invests not less than 60% funds in debt instruments and not more than 40% funds in equity.
  3. The benchmark against which its performance is evaluated is ‘CRISIL Debt Hybrid’.
  4. To start investing in this plan, one needs to put a minimum amount of Rs.15000.
  5. Last dividend declared under uti ulip plan amounted to Rs.1.65 per unit as on 1st July 1998.
  6. It also declared a bonus on September 1st, 2014 at the ratio of 1:10.

UTI ULIP - Performance Review

  • It is generating high-yielding returns on the investments made for more than one year.
  • The absolute return offered by UTI ulip plan for the year 2015 was 6.2%(annually), which is quite appreciable.
  • It offers an annual return of 11.50% in the case of investment held for five years or more.
  • UTI ULIP NAV amounts Rs.21.473 as on 31st July 2016, which shows the value generation by the same.

Portfolio Analysis

  1. The asset size held by UTI Unit Linked Insurance Plan as on 31st July 2016 is Rs.3244.49.
  2. The majority of the funds is put in debt securities followed by equity, money market, cash/call and diversified instruments.
  3. The major allocation of the funds is into banking and finance sector which is around 12.44%, while rest of them is allocated in technology, pharmaceuticals, automotive, engineering and many more.
  4. The top-five holdings with a concentration of around 15% assets include NCD Reliance Utilities & Power Pvt. Ltd., NCD IL&FS Transportation Networks Ltd., NCD SREI Equipment Finance Ltd., HDFC Bank Ltd., IndusInd Bank Ltd.

In order to offer the best investment solution, this scheme is continuously indulged in the process of making more diversification, and invests the funds into the most appropriate investment venture.

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