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I have made several investments, but they all are in the debt-oriented funds as I had a fear of exposure to the equity market. One of my friends who pertain very good knowledge in mutual fund investments briefed me about the benefits and functions of equity funds, and I found interest in them. I invested in SBI Magnum Midcap Fund growth through MySIPonline, and now I am fully satisfied. The wonderful performance of this fund has changed my mind and showed me fantastic returns with high capital appreciation. Thanks.
Aman Rai
I wanted to make an investment in the mutual fund for a long-term horizon to achieve high growth in capital. MySIPonline helped me in doing the same, it offered me the SBI Midcap Fund NAV scheme to invest my money and as advised I opted for the same. And, now I am earning resounding returns from them and have almost reached my financial goal. Thanks a lot to MySIPonline and its team for the best services and support.
Manisha Kriplani
One year back I invested in SBI Magnum Midcap Fund through MySIPonline. Now I am fully satisfied with my investment as it really showed a good run in the market and growth in my capital. I have suggested my friends as well to invest in this fund, as it has provided me with satisfactory returns. Thanks to the team for their effective services.
Shalu Kulkarni
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