SBI Magnum Balanced Fund Growth : Offering Steady Growth

SBI Balanced Fund is the one which is designed specifically to render stable growth to the investors. We all know very well that in order to play safe in the Mutual Fund industry, one must park the money in the schemes of the best balanced funds. The reason being is, SBI Balanced Fund holds the capability of yielding favourable returns by countering the market volatility. The SBI Magnum balanced fund can make your investment worthwhile as it offers the dual benefits of capital appreciation and consistent returns. SBI Balanced Fund could help your money grow into wealth, and you would be able to create a fortune for yourself.

We, at MySIPonline, are indulged in providing the best services in regards to Mutual Fund investments. Professionally managed mutual fund investment and we believe that SBI Magnum Balanced Fund nav is one of the top-performing schemes in the industry. We have thoroughly evaluated SBI balanced fund growth performance and records and we can assure that investment in this plan would yield definite returns. Furthermore, this scheme is a product from one of the top fund houses, i.e., SBI Mutual Funds, and this is an added advantage for the same. So, if you too want to multiply your money and create wealth in a systematic way, then you must opt for the ‘SBI Magnum Balanced Fund nav Scheme’ for your portfolio. To help you get an overview of SBI Balanced fund, we have provided a synopsis for the same. Please read further to know the details about SBI Magnum Balanced Fund NAV and investment strategy.

SBI Balanced Fund : Investment Details

SBI Magnum Balanced Fund is an open-ended scheme which falls under the hybrid category. SBI Magnum Balanced Funds in the diligent mix of debt and equities to offer the best of both the worlds, and provide growth opportunities to build corpus in the future. SBI Balanced Fund growth aims to strike a balance between growth and stability and it is suitable for those looking for the potential growth of equity with relative stability of debt returns.

SBI Magnum Balanced Fund NAV : Performance Analysis

SBI Equity Hybrid Fund holds a remarkable position in the market in terms of its track record. It has been ranked third under the ‘Balanced Fund’ category by CRISIL for the quarter ended in June 2016. SBI Balanced Fund nav acheme is yielding returns almost equal to the average returns generated under its class. The absolute profit offered by this scheme in the year 2015 on an annual basis was 6.5%. Generally, best SBI Funds nav offers returns equal to 24% and 18.50% for investments held for three and five years, respectively.

SBI Fund as on 27th September 2016 amounted to Rs. 106.069, which helped many investors in valuing the worth of their money. overall track shows that it is performing above average and can perform even better in the future.

SBI Balanced Fund G : Portfolio Review

SBI Magnum Balanced fund provide a good investment servicing. The assets under management of sbi balanced fund scheme amounts to Rs.6,205 crore as on August 31, 2016. Being an equity-oriented hybrid scheme, the majority of the funds have been allotted in the equity and equity-related instruments. The asset allocation graph depicts that 69.43% assets are allocated in shares and stocks, and the remaining 32.32% are put in the debt instruments. The sector allocation shows the allotment of major assets in the financial, services, technology and automobile sectors. The top five holdings of the strategy are:

  • HDFC Bank
  • Infosys Ltd.
  • State Bank of India
  • Sundaram Clayton
  • Divi’s Laboratory

Thus, you can summarize the exact market position of the scheme before making an investment in the same. And we assure you that the above-mentioned information shall lead you to add the SBI Magnum Balanced Fund nav  plan in your portfolio. Our recommendation is based on various analysis and we make sure that if you opt for this plan, you will achieve all the set financial goals. SBI Balanced Fund scheme offering growth and stability, it will make you financially sound and create a fortune for your future.