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Investing in SBI Credit Risk Fund was a spontaneous decision that I took when a need to invest in a debt fund arose. I was looking for a scheme to invest in to earn consistent income with moderate risk. This scheme appeared to me as the right one according to my portfolio requirement and after discussion with an expert at Mysiponline, investing in it only became more relevant. I am thankful for all the help and the simple investment procedure that this platform offers.
sakshi sharma
I used to think that debt schemes were of no use and they do not provide any kind of growth. But, after a lot of convincing from my friend, I chose a debt scheme for saving purposes, which was SBI Credit Risk Fund. This mutual fund completely changed my view of mutual fund schemes. From the past 5 years, I am getting an annual growth of around 8% which is really great as compared to the FD in which I used to invest in.
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