HDFC Retirement Savings Fund - Equity Plan - Growth Option

Retirement Fund NAV 37.585 0 22 September, 2023

Fund Details

Category Retirement Fund
Fund Type Open Ended
Investment Plan Growth
Launch Date 07 February, 2016
Benchmark NIFTY 500 TRI
Asset Size(Cr) 3137.3406999999997
Turn over 14.13%
Min Investment ₹ 100
Min SIP Investment ₹ 500
Min Addl Investment ₹ 100
Exit Load Nil
Expense Ratio 1.88
Fund Manager Shobhit Mehrotra, Srinivasan Ramamurthy, Priya Ranjan
Fund House HDFC Mutual Fund

Investment Returns (As on 22 Sep, 2023)

Duration Returns Benchmark Category
1 W -0.46% -0.08% -0.26%
1 M 3.84% 0.46% 2.31%
3 M 12.43% 1.62% 7.82%
6 M 17.88% 4.17% 10.66%
1 Y 24.99% 8.13% 11.81%
2 Y 19.62% 5.4% 7.92%
3 Y 31.96% 4.91% 13.03%
5 Y 17.08% 8.05% 9.22%

Risk Mesasures (As on 22 Sep, 2023)

Std Dev Sharpe Beta Alpha
Fund 13.91 1.79 7.9 0.85
Benchmark 0 0 0 0
Returns Compare with Others
  • 1Y
  • 3Y
  • 5Y

Portfolio (As on 29 Jun, 2023)

Assets Allocation

Sector Holdings
Others 5.94%

Return Calculator

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Disclaimer: Above returns are calculated on the basis of historical NAV movement for the selected period. However, historical performance does not guarantee future returns. Investors must take investment decisions based on his/her own requirements.

Peer Comparison

Fund Name 1 Yr Rtn. 3 Yr Rtn. 5 Yr Rtn.
HDFC Retirement Savings Fund - Equity Plan - Growth Option 24.99% 31.96% 17.08%
Tata Retirement Savings Fund - Progressive Plan -Regular Plan-Growth Option 3.84% 16.2% 7.29%
Franklin India Pension Plan-Growth 5.67% 9.27% 6.66%

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HDFC Retirement Savings Fund Equity Plan: A Tax Saving Cum Retirement Plan

After retirement, financial planning is very much essential because it helps you in identifying your sources of income and expenses as well as establishes your retirement budget, based on your personal plan. Therefore, HDFC Mutual Fund has developed an investment product for the investors who will start planning for investment at an early age namely, HDFC Retirement Savings Fund - Equity Plan. The fund predominantly invests in the equity and equity-related securities across the market cap by keeping approximately 20% of the total corpus in debt instruments as well.

HDFC Retirement Savings Fund Equity Plan- Regular Option is providing high exposure to equities which makes it highly aggressive. Therefore, it is suitable for aggressive investors between the age of 18 to 40 years who have a high-risk appetite and longer time horizon because their retirement is far. Another feature which adds more stars to the fund is that investors can also take the benefit of tax saving by investing in it under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

HDFC Retirement Savings Fund Growth Plan: Investment Procedure

HDFC Retirement Fund Equity Plan is an open-ended scheme with a minimum lock-in period of 5 years which invest in multiple market caps to provide high returns as well as growth to the investors. The fund has provided enough diversification in its portfolio by investing in various sectors, majorly including defensive and cyclical sectors. Investors can calculate returns for their investment on our sip calculator.

The fund managers of HDFC Retirement Savings Scheme G, Mr Chirag Setalvad and Mr Shobhit Mehrotra follows the growth approach for picking up the stocks from the market. They significantly invest in the equity stocks of giant and large-cap companies to provide stable returns to the investors.

Other Options of HDFC Retirement Savings Fund Equity Plan G

HDFC Mutual Fund has developed other plans as well which invest in equity and debt according to the return requirements and age of the investors. These plans are:

  1. HDFC Retirement Savings Fund- Hybrid Equity Plan : 
    The hybrid equity plan of the fund primarily invests in the equity securities along with keeping a portion of debt instruments in the portfolio. This plan is for the investors above the age of 40 and has an appetite of tolerating a moderate level of risk on their principal amount.
    With the balanced approach of investment, HDFC Retirement Savings Fund- Hybrid Equity aims to reduce volatility in the portfolio of investors between the age group of 41 to 55 years. It invests in equity because these investors have medium to long-term investment horizon with five to ten years.

  2. HDFC Retirement Savings Fund- Hybrid Debt Plan :
    The hybrid debt plan of the fund invests 70%-95% of the total assets in debt and the rest 5%-30% in equity securities. This plan is designed for the investors who are above the age of 55 and have an appetite of tolerating low to the moderate-low level of risk in the portfolio. It accesses the risk of the potential investment in terms of credit risk, interest rate risk, and liquidity risk in order to exploit the emerging opportunities in the debt investment universe and manage risks at all points in times of interest rate cycle.
    HDFC Retirement Savings Fund- Hybrid Debt is suitable for the conservative investors who are already at the verge of retirement and require regular income as pension to lead a successful post-retirement life.

So, if you are also thinking to generate the corpus by investing in mutual funds, then HDFC Retirement Savings Fund is the best scheme to go for and to lead the retirement life happily. You must not wait anymore to start your SIP in the fund with MySIPonline, where we ensure to provide you with the best investment experience.

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