DSP Equity Opportunities Fund-Regular Plan - Growth

Large and Mid Cap NAV 426.465 0 22 September, 2023

An open-ended scheme, DSP Equity Opportunities Fund invests predominantly in the equity securities of large and mid-cap companies. The fund aims to generate long-term capital appreciation for the investors by investing at least 35% of the total assets in equity and equity-related securities. DSP Equity Opportunities is suitable for investors with a moderately high-risk appetite.

Fund Details

Category Large and Mid Cap
Fund Type Open Ended
Investment Plan Growth
Launch Date 16 May, 2000
Benchmark NIFTY 500 TRI
Asset Size(Cr) 7326.027
Turn over 40%
Min Investment ₹ 100
Min SIP Investment ₹ 500
Min Addl Investment ₹ 100
Exit Load 1% for redemption within 364 days
Expense Ratio 1.82
Fund Manager Rohit Singhania, Jay Kothari
Fund House DSP Blackrock Mutual Fund

Investment Returns (As on 22 Sep, 2023)

Duration Returns Benchmark Category
1 W 1.62% 1.58% 2.01%
1 M 3.57% 4.02% 4.3%
3 M 0.82% 1.44% 2.46%
6 M -0.21% 0.35% -0.5%
1 Y 7.86% 7.25% 6.48%
2 Y 10.09% 12.49% 12.7%
3 Y 23.86% 23.79% 25.31%
5 Y 10.68% 12.46% 10.92%

Risk Mesasures (As on 22 Sep, 2023)

Std Dev Sharpe Beta Alpha
Fund 14.97 1.24 0.73 0.92
Benchmark 0 0 0 0
Returns Compare with Others
  • 1Y
  • 3Y
  • 5Y

Portfolio (As on 30 Jun, 2023)

Assets Allocation

Sector Holdings
Others 4.31%

Return Calculator

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Disclaimer: Above returns are calculated on the basis of historical NAV movement for the selected period. However, historical performance does not guarantee future returns. Investors must take investment decisions based on his/her own requirements.

Peer Comparison

Fund Name 1 Yr Rtn. 3 Yr Rtn. 5 Yr Rtn.
DSP Equity Opportunities Fund-Regular Plan - Growth 7.86% 23.86% 10.68%
Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund - Regular Plan - Growth Option 3.01% 25.55% 14.05%
Aditya Birla Sun Life Equity Advantage Fund - Regular Growth -2.49% 20.75% 7.36%

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DSP Equity Opportunities Fund - An Investment for Future

Large and mid-cap category of mutual funds is considered as an optimum choice for capital appreciation and wealth creation. The funds in this category take advantage of the emerging mid-caps which adds significant returns to the corpus while the large-caps provide stability along with stable growth. A smartly managed scheme under this category can be beneficial as well as safe at the same time. DSP Equity Opportunities Fund is one such scheme which can be highly beneficial in the long term as it comes from the house of DSP Mutual Fund.

What Is DSP Equity Opportunities Fund?

DSP Equity Opportunities Fund is a supreme large and mid-cap mutual fund which has been consistent in providing high returns to long-term investors. DSP Mutual Fund introduced this scheme in May 2000 with an aim to provide capital appreciation to the investors by investing the corpus in potential stocks of large and mid-cap companies. DSP Equity Opportunities Fund was previously known as DSP BlackRock Opportunities Fund.

The fund manager generally keeps the ratio of 60:40 between allocation in large and mid-cap companies. The financial sector is the most influenced industry as it promotes regular growth. The fund possesses a higher risk than the category’s average and benchmark as the standard deviation and beta is much higher but compared to the risk taken, the returns are impressive. The risk to reward ratio is better than the peers. In the long-term, DSP Equity Opportunities Fund has provided impressive returns and has comfortably beaten the peers and indexes. The fund manager Mr Rohit Singhaniya has been managing the scheme since 2015 who seeks the quality stocks through the top-down method. It is one of the best schemes in the category and has provided some of the best returns. The fund is suitable for a long-term investment for the investors as it has performed well in the negative as well as positive market conditions.

Who Should Invest in DSP Equity Opportunities Fund?

DSP Equity Opportunities Fund is a prominent scheme in the category and has been chosen by a large number of investors for long-term capital appreciation and wealth creation. The fund possesses high risk but provides adequate and reasonable returns in the long term. The investor must be ready to tolerate fluctuations which might lead to fall by 15-18% in the negative market conditions. But for the long term, DSP Equity Opportunities Fund can be a great choice. You can predict the future value of your investment for more than 5 years with the mutual fund SIP calculator at MySIPonline.

Why Invest Through Our Website?

As every scheme has a different investment strategy to achieve a different goal, it is essential to take assistance of the financial experts. At MySIPonline, the goals and targets of the investors are considered as the top priority, and the risk appetite, investment horizon, suitable tenure are considered while suggesting a mutual fund scheme to the investor. DSP Equity Opportunities Fund is suggested to the investors with moderate risk appetite who want to invest in the quality stocks of large and mid-cap companies. To get ultimate benefits and invest seamlessly, start SIP today through our website.

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