Apr 18, 2018 3 min read

You Have Got an Increment, But Have You Increased Your Investments Too?

There is a much better way to grow your salary increment than just keeping it into your pocket. Find out what it is?
For some it’s going to be festivities, and for some it’s time to enjoy the parties as it is the end of appraisal season in corporate India. Appraisal season is a time when every employee expects a positive deviation in his position as well as salary bracket. These expectations are obvious as every employee thinks he has given his best throughout the year.

But what about your investments? Don’t they deserve an appraisal for serving you with an extra income regularly? Before answering this most ignored question, let us see what are the general views about appraisal?

What Does Your and Your Investment’s Appraisal Mean?

Corporate appraisal is to measure what an employee does at work while taking his/her year-long performance into account. As a part of appraisal, there can often be an upsurge in the post or salary in proportion to the positive performance evaluation. The custom of appraisal in both designation and monetary respect is necessary to boost the morale and increase the productivity of the human resource of a company as it ultimately helps in catalyzing the overall growth. Same is the case with investments. Consider investments as the employees that you have recruited to work on growing your deposited money into large corpus. Some of your investment employees can be mutual funds, equities, fixed deposits, insurances etc., but betting on the consistently performing and versatile employees always benefits the company in the long run. On the similar lines of corporate world, mutual funds can be the most versatile and benefitting investment options to invest your incremented money and earn profits. So, what about the appraisals of your investments that are consistently performing even during the harsh times of the market?

What Should You Do?

It can turn out to be a wise decision to invest the extra perks you are availing as an increment in the salary in mutual funds. Mutual funds provide two modes of investment viz. Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) and Lumpsum. You can either choose to increase your investment amount in the SIP of the scheme in which you have already invested or make a fresh lumpsum investment in a consistently performing and risk suitable scheme of your choice. Here is the list of top 5 recommended funds by our experts to increase the percentage of returns by investing your extra income.


All For Your Benefit

As you can figure out, the investors who had decided to park their money in the above recommended funds in the past would have accrued a large amount by now.

To enjoy the same benefits, you can follow their footsteps. But, I have already invested. It’s great then! You just need to increase the amount of money you are inputting in the funds regularly.

The compounding effect of mutual funds generates larger amount with larger investment. Also, mutual funds proffer risk-adjusted returns which decrease the chances of principal loss. What else do you want?

Start investing your hard-earned appraisal amount which could yield you some extra zeros by the time you reach the next appraisal season.

For the same purpose, you can Start SIP or invest in lumpsum in the above mentioned or any other mutual funds available at MySIPonline.

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