Aug 21, 2017 2 min read

Trouble in Doing E-KYC? Check If Your Aadhaar is Active or Not!

UIDAI deactivated around 81 lakh Aadhaar numbers last week! Is your Aadhaar active!
Know Your Customer (KYC) is a mandatory obligation for investment in mutual funds. It is required to check the authenticity of the fresh investor, and for other security reasons before initiating the transactions. Once a person complies the KYC requirements with a KRA Registration Agency, he/she becomes eligible to make investments in all mutual funds.

All these formalities can also be done online through E-KYC which is majorly based on the Aadhaar number and other important documents like PAN, email id, tax status, etc. If you are planning to do your Aadhaar-based E-KYC, but finding troubles in its processing, then it is important to check whether your Aadhaar is active or not because UIDAI has deactivated many for various reasons.

The News:

The Unique Identification Authority of India has defused around 81 lakh Aadhaar card due to a number of reasons which are stated in section 27 and 28 of Aadhaar (Enrollment and Update) Regulations, 2016. There has been encountered certain issues in the authenticity of many Aadhaar numbers due to which they have been deactivated. The major reasons found by UIDAI include the following:

  • In the case where more than one Aadhaar has been issued to the same person, then the number which was assigned earlier shall retain, and the subsequent numbers will stand canceled or deactivated.
  • In the case of any default found in the bio-metric information provided by the person or the enrollment center.
  • In the case of enrollment fraud by any person.

There are other reasons too which are mentioned in section 27 & 28 of Aadhaar Regulations, 2016, due to which the Aadhaar cards have been deactivated. Furthermore, in the case of deactivation, all the services and facilities of the Aadhaar card will be discontinued until the holder rectifies the information for which his/her number has been deactivated.

How Can You Check Your Aadhaar Status?

  1. Visit the website of UIDAI.
  2. Select Aadhaar Service Sections and click on the link for “Verify Aadhaar Number” which will take you to another page for further processing.
  3. You will now see a box which asks to enter the 12-digit UID number. Enter the Aadhaar number and the security code, and then click on ‘verify’.
  4. If it is valid, then you will receive a message stating that your Aadhaar number exists. In the case of invalid number, you will get the pop-up stating that the number does not exist.

So, make sure that you are holding an active Aadhaar number so that you do not get stuck anywhere in doing your verification for purposes like E-KYC for mutual fund investments.If you are also thinking to start online mutual funds investment, then get your self KYC compliant through E-KYC using your active Aadhaar number. You can also do the registration at our portal, i.e., MySIPonline, and can experience the simple and easiest process of E-KYC registration.