Dec 05, 2017 4 min read

Searching for a Healthy Equity? Invest in Large-Cap and Multi-Cap Funds

Check out now the top-performing multi-cap mutual fund schemes to invest in.
Time and again, we are there for you guys to serve you at every step of your investment. With so much of options in mutual funds, questions have been rose by the investors that which one should they select! While the quest of the investors is in full swing, we brought you a quick solution which will help you in selecting the best equity fund to invest in.

If you are searching for the best equity investment plans so that you can reap superior benefits while traveling through a less volatile market, then consider the following large and multi-cap schemes to invest in:

  1. ICICI Prudential Multicap Fund: As the name suggests, it is a multi-cap equity fund that can provide you a healthy approach to the equity market. Unlike a capitalisation constrained equity fund, it invests proportionately in the stocks of all sized companies. Thus, it can manage to provide you with exceptional returns on your investments. This scheme of ICICI Mutual Fund was launched in the year 1994, and has drawn a fantastic track record of providing 15.27% returns since then. It provides you with a stabilised investment portfolio by investing in a mix of large, mid, and small-cap stocks so that you can attain constant growth in your capital. Let’s check the returns provided by this scheme in various time cycles:  From the data shown in the above table, it can be clearly seen that how the scheme has performed in the previous years. The diversified nature of this scheme helps it to be on the safer side when the stocks of any particular scale in the industry are going through a tough phase. The total assets of this scheme are allocated in the following manner:  
    The above table shows that this scheme invests dominantly in the stocks of giant and large-cap companies which assure the stability of returns on investments. So, ICICI Prudential Multicap Fund can be a good choice for you as it can provide consistency in the various market scenario. You can also add this scheme to your portfolio if you want to reap larger benefits.
  2. Kotak Select Focus Fund: One of the best performers and a five-star rating holder under CRISIL for the quarter ended September 2017, this scheme of Kotak Mutual Fund has managed to beat both its benchmark and peers in all the seven years since launch. By providing excellent returns to the investors, it has attracted many new entrants to invest in it. The total assets under management of this scheme have been recorded at Rs. 15,195 crore as on October 31, 2017. It has showcased fantastic performance in many difficult market times. The diversified nature of this scheme helped it to overcome unexpected economic falls in any particular sector or industry. As its name suggests, it is primarily focused on investing the capital in some of the selected stocks which are highly capable of outperforming the fellows in terms of consistency in returns. Let’s check the returns provided by this scheme in various time cycles:
    The trailing returns of Kotak Select Focus Fund growth plan shows that how excellently it has outperformed its measure and category in terms of providing returns. The more aggressive nature of this scheme can be seen if you notice its performance graph from early 2014. Its latest NAV as on December 01, 2017 has been recorded at Rs. 32.446 for the growth plan and Rs. 23.14 for dividend plan. The total assets of this scheme are allocated in the following manner:  
    You can see in above table that more than half of the total assets of Kotak Select Focus Fund get deployed in the stocks of large and giants companies which helps it to provide stability in returns. You can select this scheme to invest in if you are looking for a potential multi-cap option. The fund manager of this scheme, Mr. Harsha Upadhyaya, has been managing it since 2012, and since then the scheme has been performing well.

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Henceforth, check all the details of these schemes to know that if they are suitable as per your investment objectives or not. There are many more schemes available which are also performing excellently and providing good returns to the investors. To know more about the best mutual funds in India, visit the top performing Mutual Funds page at our website. If you haven’t registered yet on our platform, i.e., MySIPonline, and waiting for the right time, then the time is not going to knock your door to remind you because the best time starts when you take the initiative. So, start today to reap maximum benefits.