Oct 25, 2016 2 min read

Rejuvenate Your Portfolio with SIP Top-Up Investments

Salary hikes are always the most awaited moment in everyone’s life. Here we are providing you with the most effective tool to manage your appraisals in order to accomplish your future financial needs.
What do you do whenever you receive an appraisal in your salary? Increase your expenses or utilise it for some betterment? Well, we hope you make a better use of it, but if not, then you are losing money even after a salary hike.

Whenever one receives a hike in salary, one starts making some new plans for a pleasurable life. Some think of taking a big car or a bigger home. But we believe a hike in salary should mean an appraisal in savings as well. With the passing time, we must have enough money to face the uncertainties of life.

This is the time when we are earning a salary and getting appraisals, but a stage in life will come when there is no source of income and we shall have to depend on others to live a stable life. So, instead of sparing out the valuable sum of money, put it into something which could yield some better returns in the future. Here we have a solution that would help you in managing your appraised money in a better way, and that is “Top-Up SIP Plans”.

What is a SIP Top-Up Facility?

SIP top-up is a facility wherein the SIP enrolled investor gets an opportunity to enhance the amount of SIP instalment with a fixed value of money at pre-defined intervals. Accordingly, the investor gets the flexibility of investing higher amounts during the tenure of the SIP.

This can be well elaborated with an example:

Suppose you have an SIP investment plan of Rs.10,000 that you pay at a regular interval, and you wish to add a sum of Rs.1,000 every year at some particular date when you expect an appraisal. The SIP top-up facilitates you the same. You can add up a certain amount in your regular investment and help it grow higher in the future.

Our financial advisors recommend the investors that they must opt for a top-up facility, as it takes care of an increase in income, like an annual salary hike and accounts for inflation automatically. Generally, the companies appraise their employees’ salary once a year, hence we recommend a yearly top-up to the investors. This helps them in accomplishing their long-term investment goals with more convenience due to the accumulation of more wealth. So instead of going for an additional SIP, again and again, you have the best option of making the top-up SIP plan.

Hence, rather than mismanaging the salary increments, you must make an effective plan for a perfect usage of the money. SIP always enhances your capital with the help of the power of compounding and rupee-cost averaging, and if you make a top-up SIP, your money shall manifold to create a huge worth of corpus for a bright future. MySIPonline is always ready to assist you in all the matters related to mutual fund investment; you can avail our advisory services to get more knowledge on Top-Up SIP Plans.