Apr 10, 2017 3 min read

MySIPonline Launched “Smart Savings Account”! A New Way of Saving Money

Savings bank account has become old-fashioned now! Here is the best alternative to save and earn more.
Are you looking for an idea which allows you to make instant earnings? What about Liquid Funds? Have you tried investing in them? We have made it simple here! The “Smart Savings Account” facility will let you make comfortable investing in liquid funds. The benefit of zero lock-in, instant redemption, zero minimum balance, higher returns and liquidity, all of them are clubbed in this new “Smart Savings Account”. Want to know more? Read further!

Small changes in habits can let you make more money, right! One is often recommended to cut the costs in order to increase the savings. You must have received advice from any of your elders to spend less, and save more. But we ask, why to spend less to save more when there are other options to increase the savings. The all new “Smart Savings Account” is what we are talking about.

We, at MySIPonline, have launched our new service for saving money which provides better returns than that offered by your banks. The bank savings account are considered safe and secure by the investors, and thus everyone keeps their idle cash in them. They offer liquidity, flexibility, safety and returns between the range of 4-6 percent. Yes, it is not a bad idea to put your idle money in such bank accounts and earn a return of 4%. But what if you can earn up to 10% with the similar benefits and no risk? No need to be shocked! We are telling you the truth.

The best liquid mutual funds in India have offered heavy returns to the investors in a very short span of time and helped them achieve their instant cash requirements. It has been noticed that the past performances of many of the schemes falling in the liquid fund category have been remarkable, and the returns offered by them reached even up to 10%. Among them, the Reliance Money Manager is a true gainer which has offered tremendous profits in the past.

As we know that the money put in liquid funds are further invested in the instruments that have maturity up to 91 days. Accordingly, the risk associated with the market volatility gets reduced, and the investors make absolute profits in a short duration. The market performance of Reliance Money Manager is immensely perfect and thus, investing in a fund like this would be highly beneficial for the investors.

What Does the “Smart Savings Account” Provide?

This is a service which is rendered at MySIPonline that allows investing in the Reliance Money Manager liquid scheme in an easy way. Just like you maintain bank savings account, you can park your money in the “Smart Savings Account”, i.e., in the Reliance Money Manager Fund. It will let you gain substantial benefits which include the following:

  1. It will let your savings get increased by providing greater returns up to 8.65%. Just like the bank account, your money shall be put in this fund in order to fetch returns, but at a higher rate.
  2. You do not need to get into the paperwork for opening your account as all the processing shall be completed within instants using the online channels in a completely paperless manner. You can sign up and create a free for life account on our website to get started.
  3. The lock-in period for liquid fund investments is “zero”, and thus investors need not worry about blocking their money for a particular period but can enjoy the feasibility of redeeming as per the requirement.
  4. The redemption facility on the “Smart Savings Account” is simply amazing as you can redeem the funds from your Reliance Money Manager instantly and the amount is credited to the bank account within thirty minutes. Furthermore, this facility is available 24/7. Thus one can enjoy the liquidity to the fullest.
  5. The cash withdrawal facility is available anytime in this fund with the ATM or Debit card which is offered to the investors. Yes, you can enjoy the benefit of the anytime cash withdrawal facility with this “Smart Savings Account”.
  6. The initial investment amount for this fund is just Rs.1000, and you don’t need to maintain any minimum balance in the same.

So with this, you must have understood that the benefits of “Smart Savings Account” are superb and it is among the best solutions for saving and earning more money. So don’t think anymore, make a move now. Open a free “Smart Savings Account” with MySIPonline and enjoy all the benefits right away.