Oct 29, 2016 3 min read

Make the Best Use of Diwali Bonus with Additional SIP

Diwali Bonus is the most-awaited reward for oneself. Read this blog to know how effectively you can use it to celebrate Diwali more amazingly in the forthcoming years.
Diwali comes once in a year and is the most-awaited festival for Indians. Everyone around the country makes a lot of spending in this period and buy many new things for their families and friends. This is the time when the gifts are shared among everyone along with a lot of happiness and pleasure. The employers of many corporates also offer gifts to their employees. However, the most significant one is the Diwali Bonus. So here we have provided one of the most efficient ways for utilising your Diwali Bonus.

You all must have been done with your shopping for this beautiful festival of lights. With a lot of apparels, gifts, electronic gadgets, home decorative items, and many more, you must have fully spent your special savings until now. Of course, this is something that we all love to do and don’t even give a second thought while deciding.

This auspicious occasion of lights brings prosperity in one’s life, and we all love to celebrate this. Now the moment has come when we are about to receive our Diwali Bonus as well. The whole year we work so hard to get some extra benefits and appraisals, but this additional bonus gives us much more than that. So how can one use this once a year opportunity to attain some financial gains? The common trend among all is to treat a bonus as a windfall gain and hence view it differently from regular income and savings. We make several plans to utilise this once a year benefit. So have you planned something for this year’s Diwali Bonus?

Utilising money for pleasure is accepted by all. This is indeed one of the reasons we want to make earnings. After all, it's our money and we have freedom to use it the way we want. But we must not forget that this once a year festival also have some spendings of no use. We must not splurge our hard-earned money on unwanted things, rather make an efficient use of the same. We must remember that we have many other goals in life for which we are working. Now when you are almost done with all your shopping and other spendings, you have the chance to make the best use of your Diwali Bonus.

We have the best programme for you that would help you utilise your Diwali Bonus to efficiently, and making your future Diwali celebrations even more prosperous. We recommend that you must invest your bonus in an ‘Additional SIP’ to earn better returns and wealth in the future. Yes, you heard it right! This is the best opportunity for you all to make a productive additional SIP with your Diwali Bonus giving a hike to your future earnings.

Systematic Investment Plan always tends to produce considerable returns over time with the monthly investments that you make in it. It also provides an additional SIP option, whereby one can put some extra amount in the ongoing investment giving it some more units in order to gain some more earnings. When you make an additional purchase of SIP in your current investment, you buy some more units of a particular scheme, and those units shall offer additional returns in the future away from the current earnings.

It takes time to make an additional purchase of SIP due to lack of lump sum money in hand. And now, when you are getting a big benefit of Diwali Bonus, then why not put it in the SIP to gain high earnings. Expenses are never going to end ever, but if you become firm on your decision, then you can earn much higher on your regular income only. Instead of making excessive expenditures by purchasing insignificant items, you must make an additional SIP and firmly secure your future to celebrate Diwali the same way even in hard times.

MySIPonline wishes you a prosperous Diwali and recommends to make an additional purchase of SIP for your portfolio to make an efficient use of this year’s Diwali Bonus.