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Make Millions! It’s Similar to Your Childhood Time’s Piggy Bank Saving

Make millions by adopting your childhood habit again.
Earning a lot of money is what everyone wants and it is a need of life to fulfil the tip-to-toe requirements. But, in the world of growing competition and skills, it is not easy to earn million and fulfil the opulent requirements.

Moreover, there are people who could hardly meet their basic requirements and it is next to impossible for them to attain their goal of buying a car, a home, or a holiday trip to abroad. There is no limit to greed and when the greed is for money, it’s innumerable. Have you ever thought, how are you going to fulfil your life goal? The answer is simple!

It’s Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), a systematic approach to attain all your monetary goals. With this, you can effortlessly achieve all what you want. Most of the people are not stepping into the SIP world because they somehow think that investing is a headache. Precisely, they think investing in share market is a headache. They are probably mixing up the concept of the share market trading and investment in mutual funds. And, think that investing in mutual funds also require lots of knowledge and skills, else one may lose money. What if we tell you that it is not the case?

SIP Process Is same As the Process of Piggy Bank at Your Home

Yes, you heard it cent percent correct. SIP is completely same as the process of saving pennies in the piggy bank. Your piggy bank savings don’t give you any interest on what you save in it. But, SIP provides you with returns of around 12-16 percent on whatever you save. So, you can earn millions on your savings. In short, this path can help you in meeting all your long-term monetary goals. Let’s know how to start on this path!

Remember those days of your childhood when you used to save your little savings in your piggy bank? You can earn millions just by doing the same. You need to start by Rs. 33.33 only. Yes, only Rs. 33.33! This small amount can make you millionaire in a significant tenure. You have to keep aside this amount daily, which totals it to Rs. 1000 at the end of the month. If you can save more than this, then you can even become multi-millionaire.

What to do?

Register yourself at our investment portal, i.e., MySIPonline. Get yourself KYC compliant. And start earning on your small savings. For effortless investing process, you can also download our app which is available for both Android OS and iOS.

Your daily savings of Rs. 33.33, or you can make it Rs. 35 for convenience will become approximately Rs. 1000 at the end of the month. You have to invest it into the SIP of mutual funds which will help your money to grow over time.

Mutual Funds: Mutual fund is an opportunity which let you fetch healthy returns on your savings by investing them in the shares and securities. They are managed by highly experienced professionals who are expert at their job. Thus, you need not panic about timing the market and tracking share prices every minute. Moreover, the money that you invest gets allocated into a portfolio mixed of multiple stocks and securities which makes your investment more powerful to face the downfall of a particular share.

SIP Power: The power of SIP helps you to induce reality to your financial dreams. With time and patience, you can achieve massive success in building wealth. A penny today can become giant corpus tomorrow if you allow it to walk through the path of SIP investment in mutual funds. Moreover, it is very easy and convenient method that even a layman who has nothing to do with financial jargons can earn through it.

SIP Power

Check How Far it Is True: A Specimen Calculation

Investing Rs. 1000 monthly can help you reap millions in a significant period of time. Your investment of Rs. 1000 in monthly SIP of mutual funds will lead to Rs. 12,000 (1000*12) over a year. Thus, Rs. 4,20,000, in a period of 35 years. This is what you can even make with your piggy bank saving’s habit but this is where SIP makes massive difference. With each passing day, the NAV (Net Asset Value) of the mutual funds change, and thus it changes the value of your invested capital. With an assumed rate of returns at 15% if we compute the return on your investment, it roughly reaches to Rs. 1,48,60,645, near to one and a half crore rupees.

So, what are you thinking? Still want to save in the traditional style, i.e., piggy bank or want to explore the power of your money. Start SIP today in the most suitable mutual fund schemes with us and let your little savings grow into millions. You can start SIP at any age and reap the benefits of doubling your money. But, if you are young, i.e., at the age of 25-30, then it’s nothing less than a golden time for you. You can fetch one of the most powerful benefits of SIP investment. It provides healthy returns in significant tenure, but if you give time to your money to manifold, then with the power of time, it can become extremely large that you might not even believe. For instance, if you invest Rs. 5000 in monthly SIP, it will grow near to Rs. 7.5 crore in a tenure of 35 years at an expected rate of returns at 15%, whereas your investment amount will be Rs. 21 lakh only.

Are you planning to start today? Get associated with us and add more features to the journey of your wealth creation through investment in the best mutual funds.

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