Feb 28, 2017 3 min read

Have Extra Earnings? Make an Additional Purchase in Mutual Funds

This blog is for those who have earned a considerable amount of extra income and want to use the same in the best way.
We often get confused at times when we have to decide where to use the extra money. Most of us use the same in parties, fun or other things and spend them recklessly. But if we can create wealth out of the same sum of money then why not go for it! Yes, you heard it right. Mutual funds provide the best way of making an apt use of the extra earnings we get.

You may earn a great income, but the funds raised in extra are always precious. You wish to spend them in the best way. We have one of the most effective solutions for you to let your extra income gain more worth. You can make an ‘Additional Purchase’ in your mutual fund investments and give them some more value to create wealth for your future. It is simply a way to which you can add some lump sum money in your current online mutual fund investment. With this, your money will be used in the best possible manner, and you would be able to earn high interest on the same.

What is Additional Purchase?

You might be having some doubts in mind about this terminology “Additional Purchase”. Well, we have elaborated a simple explanation for the same here.

Suppose you have a current SIP or lump sum investment in any of the schemes of a mutual fund. You have been allotted a particular number of units of the same as per your investment cost or invested capital. That means if you have invested an amount of Rs.10,000 until now in your current investment, you must have allotted the units as per the NAV of the scheme as on the day of investing.

By making an additional purchase in the same, you will be adding a particular sum of money to your current investment value, say, Rs.5000. With this, the number of units in your portfolio will rise as per the NAV applicable. This will add to your current investment and will let you make more money in the future. The interest you are earning on your current investment will be offered for the additional amount as well, and accordingly, you would be able to make higher income on your investments in the future.

Why Should One Buy Additional Lumpsum in Mutual Funds?

Adding money to your current investment is not at all a bad idea. By doing so, one is held capable of gaining higher returns and ensure financial stability. The income which you have earned in extra can be placed in the best investment to enhance the worth of your financial status. Your extra income will earn more money for you to create wealth for the future. Accordingly, instead of spending the money elsewhere, you must park it in mutual funds to let it earn a corpus for you.

How to Make an Additional Purchase?

It is the easiest of all. The mutual fund investors are simply required to click on a button, and rest responsibility is ours. Our online investing solutions for mutual fund investors provide them with the feasibility of making every transaction in the most effective manner. You just need to click on the ‘Additional Purchase’ option available right in front of the scheme details on your dashboard in the MySIPonline investment account, and we will further process it on our own.

So if you want to make the best use of your extra earnings, then you must buy your additional lump sum investment now. This will let you make your portfolio highly weighted, and you would be able to earn more wealth in the future. MySIPonline is always ready to serve your investing requirements, and you must get associated with us to give the right way to your hard-earned money.