Sep 24, 2016 2 min read

Don’t Wait for the Year End, Start Tax Planning Now!

If you want to save your taxes for this year and take a wise decision of investment, then you must read this blog in full. It would help you in planning the right strategy to avail tax benefits.
There is no need to wait until March for planning your taxes when you have the option to manage them now! If you are looking to make an effective tax management plan, then you are at the right place. We would assist you on how you can achieve the dual benefits of earning a higher return and saving taxes.

This is the story of every year end that you run for various options to save taxes on your yearly income. At that time, you generally go for such investment plans which are not at all relevant to your financial goals, but you make them just to take advantage of the exemptions offered by the government policies. So, are you going to repeat the same this time as well? Or have some other plan in mind? We have one for you. Read on to know that.

You must have heard about the mutual fund investment plans. Have you ever tried investing in them? If not, then you are devoid of various advantages that it offers. So, instead of looking for different money games and other things to earn extra income, you must opt for something which could offer you the accuracy of yielding the expected returns. In addition, instead of going for the public provident fund at the last moment while filing taxes, invest your money in the right fund to fetch maximum possible tax benefits.

Here we have tried explaining you the supremacy of investing in the ELSS Funds to attain the high-yielding returns on your investments along with savings in taxes. The schemes falling under the ELSS Fund category offers twin advantage of capital appreciation and tax benefits. The Equity-Linked Savings Scheme is a programme which falls under the EEE model of Income Tax Act wherein the amount being invested; the returns fetched and the capital gain, all are fully exempted from the tax bar. With this, you can avail the exemption from taxes up to Rs.1.5lac, under section 80C.

So, why wait until March and get into a hectic process of tax management, if you can do it in just a few steps. You can purchase any scheme of ELSS using the online mode of purchasing a mutual fund plan and avail the benefits in a hassle-free manner. By using the tax calculator available on our website you can compute your tax liability and then plan accordingly. In addition, you would be able to secure your financial future as well by creating wealth.
Henceforth, by investing your money in the schemes of ELSS fund, you would be in a better position to take a worthwhile investment decision. If you start your SIP investment now in this fund, then at the year end instead of searching for tax-saving tools you would have the solution for the same along with some more earnings. So, don’t think anymore, and take the decision now.

The ELSS Funds would definitely be proved helpful for you and would create wealth for your future. You must invest your money in them now to take a restful breathe at the time of filing income tax returns for the financial year 2016-2017. The entire team of financial advisors at MySIPonline are ready to help you in making the best tax management plan.