Jul 22, 2016 3 min read

Choose the Right Path and Build Your Fortune

An investment decision is always crucial, that one has to be assured of. So, if you too are going for an investment and confused about which one to choose, this blog can help you very well.

Do you get confused while making a choice? Selecting the best out of so many alternatives is a tough job. Especially when all the options available are supreme in their genre. So, what to opt and what not? Which is the most suitable one made for me? How to decide?

Whenever you get confused while buying a dress, what do you do? You check all the traits of the same, like whether its colour shall go with your complexion or not, whether it suits your personality or not and whether its price is as per your budget or not. After being satisfied with all the features, you decide to buy the same.

You take too much time to decide on such silly things, then how can you forget to search the best investment plan for you? The investment which has the power to change your future!
An investment can be made in any form. We invest in our education, business, children or else. Before making such investment, we make sure that we would fetch the desired returns which shall help us reach our goals in the future. Similarly, while deciding to invest in the mutual funds, you must opt for the best way that would lead you to achieve your investment goals.

There are two ways of investing in the mutual funds. One is the very common lump sum mode where you are required to make full payment of investment at once. And the second one is, Systematic Investment Plan(SIP), in which you can make payment on recurrent basis say monthly and get associated with big investment projects.

Both the ways of investment has certain benefits of their own. Which one to opt is all your choice. Our team of experts has the opinion of going with SIP instead of opting for a lump sum investment. Due to the benefits that one fetches from systematic investment plan, it has become more favourable these days. We have following advantages of investing in the mutual fund:

A Systematic Approach: As the name suggests, the investments made using the SIP is more organised in nature.

More Disciplined: When we start investing through the SIP, we get into the habit of making a regular investment.

Savings Habit: An investor is required to make payments periodically, and this make us habitual of saving money on a regular basis.

Easy Payments: We are not required to worry about making payments as the amount is deducted from our bank accounts automatically.

Rupee-Cost Averaging: We know that the unit price of securities varies continuously(increase or decrease), and investment in SIP is made on different dates. So, the overall cost of investment when computed is less if compared to the lump sum method of investing. This is called the rupee cost averaging.

Power of Compounding: The interest earned on these investments is computed on a compound interest basis. Hence, we fetch more returns on the same. But, there is a point of consideration as well, i.e., early the investment, more benefit of compound interest can be attained.

So, choosing the SIP for your investment can lead you to a great height in the future. When you have the power of making the fortune of your choice by investing in the mutual fund SIP, then why consider something else. Just invest in the mutual fund SIP using the MySIPonline.com. It will take you straight towards your investment goals.