Dec 28, 2016 2 min read

5 Simple Tricks to Increase Your Returns From Investments

Learn how you can make the best use of investments to earn great returns.

In the present scenario, investors are primarily interested in the investment schemes which can fetch them higher returns on their invested money. However, on a lighter note, they need to understand the intricate factors such as asset allocation and diversification, equities, etc., as well, to take the right decision for building a strong portfolio. If you are an investor who is searching for some essential tricks that will help you while making investments, then this blog is meant for you.

Below are a few tips which you can consider before making an investment so that you can draw immense benefits from them. Read further to know more:

  1. Be Clear About Your Requirements:- Financial advisors convey that what might be good for someone else might not prove beneficial for you as well. Hence, it is always better to choose an investment plan which fulfills your requirements and fits in your portfolio. Not only this, the more you’ll discuss your financial plans with someone else, the more you are likely to get confused. So, it is always recommended to choose your own path and make decisions that are in your favour.
  2. Look Beyond Fixed Deposits:- Although mutual fund investments are subject to market risk, it is always beneficial to invest in them as they offer high returns than the fixed deposits, which is possibly 7 to 9 percent when compared to the latter. Look for investing in them on a long term basis regularly and seek advice from a certified financial advisor to help you in the same.
  3. Be Patient During the Times of Volatile Market:- Investors always tend to commit the biggest mistake of selling their stocks during the time when the market is low and buy them when the prices are high. Have the patience to seek the right opportunity instead of going with the flow and investing in something just by looking at its current market position. Consider factors such as risk factors, initial issue expenses, sponsor's track record, before moving a step forward.
  4. Choose Equities Over Bonds:- There is no doubt that investing in Equities might prove to be risky, but it is probably a better choice than parking your money in bonds as they have outperformed the markets significantly. You can even opt for a portfolio which is a balance of these entities as it would lessen down the market risk factor and earn you substantial returns with low volatility.
  5. Prefer to Invest in Small-to-Mid Size Companies:- Although there is always a high-risk factor, it has been noticed that small-to-mid size companies earn significant returns in the future faster than the large companies. Take assistance from a professional financial advisor in this case and invest in those stocks and funds where you feel there is some scope for growth.

Consider the above-mentioned points in mind while making investments as they will surely prove beneficial when you make investments. Furthermore, the team of fund analysts at MySIPonline offers substantial financial advice to the investors who wish to seek high returns in the future through investments in various fund schemes. If you too are looking for a professional guidance in the same, then you can consult our experts to get an overview of what would be the best financial solution for your portfolio.