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Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund, established in 1994 is one of the India’s largest Asset Management Companies which is managing the mutual fund investments in India of a large number of investors. Birla Sunlife Mutual Fund offers a wide range of MF schemes bifurcated into equity, debt and hybrid schemes. Birla Sun Life Mutual Funds have a productive team of research analysts which is dedicated to tracking down the best investment opportunities across different industries and companies for investing. The ethics and effective management of BSL Mutual Funds further provide for assurance that the funds are utilised efficiently.

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Birla Sunlife Mutual Fund marking global presence in investing industry

Global in vision and Indian in belief is a very rare mixture you get to see these days anywhere. Even though being a subsidiary of a huge empire the core still lies in Indian culture. Aditya Birla group branched into Birla SunLife Financial near about 150 years ago. With the view to adapt to the transforming investing sector, Sun Life Financial gave way to Birla SunLife mutual fund in the year. Dealing globally Birla SunLife MF has not compromised with ethics and business goals of the parent company.

With a vision of being a global leader and role model for every financial corporation, Birla Sun Life mutual fund truly toils for the same. Maintaining a balance between global and local markets Birla Sunlife mutual fund is showing an increasing graph in each quarter.

Providing the option of SIP or Systematic Investment Plan and Lumpsum, Birla mutual fund has added a new feature to SIP. This amc is benificial for both long term and short term SIP investment plans.

Mission of Birla Sunlife Mutual Fund

With a view of maintaining the pace of growth and at the same time not compromising the values, Birla SunLife MF is very consistent in persevering the very much required growth. Providing an environment suitable for employees as well as clients, Birla Sun Life mutual fund has established its own benchmark of providing the best client-employee interaction scenario. For providing the best customer support a company needs to have the best of employees working for it. At Birla mutual fund, the focus is on enhancing and retaining the human resource.

Optimal wealth investment is another very important mission of Birla Sun Life MF. Client is and always will be the core focusing factor of any business firm. Knowing this fact BSL mutual fund is highly dedicated towards its huge clientele base. Each and every client has same value and shares equal priority at Birla Sun Life mutual fund.

Values adopted by Birla Sun Life mutual fund

Having a unique approach towards business, Birla SunLife mutual fund has adopted a different set of values for itself:

  • Rectitude: “Honesty is the best Policy”, we all have heard and learned this phrase at some point of time in our childhood. But, applying this phrase seems difficult. In Birla SunLife mutual fund, this phrase is actually conceptualized at every level of investing process. No misleading advertisements, no false hopes, just the reality.
  • Allegiance: The professionals at Birla Sun Life mutual fund are trained to give full diligence towards their work. In order to provide extraordinary client support system the employees are also required to be properly honed and alert.
  • Passion: “The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall”, highly inspired by this saying of Nelson Mandela, Birla SunLife has inculcated this value in its employees. Each and every employee learns from every mistake and values and the feedback he gets from the clients. Implementing the feedback for bringing in a positive change is the top most priority of Birla Sun life mutual fund.
  • Momentum: “One way to keep momentum going is to have constantly greater goals”. In accordance with this phrase at BSL mutual fund one will always find the work done in a good speed. Mounting the work and then trying to finish it in a single go is not a strategy followed in Birla SunLife MF. The organization is in constant search for new avenues to work on and having no back-log.

Taking no shortcuts to success, we are on our toes of delivering the best of the advice which would help grow your investment manifold.

Our site has partnered with Birla Sun life Mutual Fund AMC to provide the best of schemes for the clients. We aim at providing the best ever customer services and helps you to save your precious time by providing a powerful tool to calculate your investment returns i.e. sip calculator. BSL mutual fund has been sharing a long lineage of a company which has been a able to establish a name and bond with the clients. With a wide range of mutual funds plan the AMC has been able to attract investors towards investing.