How to Make a Strong Portfolio with TATA India Consumer Fund?

TATA India Consumer Fund has been on a rising demand since its inception a few years ago. It has bridged the gap between the consumer and the industry and has paved new ways for financing these industries in order to help them work for better products. This fund plays an important role in strengthening the economy of the country, and also raising the bar of the quality of lives that we are leading in India. Ultimately, the reason for every problem is the lack of proper resources and for a huge country like India, lack of funds sits at the prime position of the problems.

Hence, by acting as an agent of funding these commodity companies, TATA India Consumer Fund has widened the tunnel for the flow of money directly from the people, thus relaxing their dependability on the government or bank loans. A simple math takes us to the conclusion that indirectly, the fund is improving the lives of the people in many ways; by providing a resort for the companies to fund their financial operation and second, allowing the people to leverage on the growing sectors of the economy, such as the FMCG.

TATA India Consumer Fund Performance An Introduction

With the coronation of the new government of India, things have taken a turn in the favour of the growth of the country’s economy. The foreign investment has increased manifold and thus, has accelerated the growth of many sectors of our economy. Amidst all, the fast moving consumer goods sector (or the FMCG) has also raised its bar of performance, creating products that are better and more in quantity. This makes the industry a very good bet for all sorts of investments, precisely for those interested in pinning their money on a sector-based investment.

TATA India Consumer Fund-Regular Plan (G) plays the role here of an aggregator, which the public can use to route their finances into the companies that are engaged in producing the consumer goods. Started at the dusk of the year 2015, the fund has gained large popularity amidst the general public and has also attracted the attention of the government for making policies for the betterment of the consumer sector.

The Reasons for Investing in TATA India Consumer Fund (Growth)

The reasons for investing in TATA India Consumer Fund are quite many, looking at the outset of the objective with it had been launched. There is a long list to conquer, so let’s take all the reasons one by one:

  • A Direct Promotion of Growth: By investing in TATA India Consumer Fund Growth, you are indirectly helping yourself get a better slice of life. This is because the industry will have more wealth and hence, there won’t be any need to tamper with the quality of the produce. Further, an accelerated growth in the industry will ultimately place the country’s growth in pace, and hence there will be ample opportunities for you to grow in business or whatever occupation you are involved in.
  • Excellent Stream of Rewards: Growth is not the only good factor associated with investing in TATA India Consumer Fund-Regular Plan (G). The rewards that it has yielded in the past makes it a further more favourable choice over other funds. As per the record, the fund has yielded a staggering amount of reward that built up to 27.15%, since inception. Looking at the early growth of the fund in less than 3 years of its start, it can be predicted that it holds a bright future in hand and it will be worth investing in it for all.
  • Easy Investment Opportunities: TATA India Consumer Fund G has been rated as one of the most consumer-friendly funds released in India. The reason for such positive reviews is its easy instalment that sits at just Rs. 500 with a SIP Plan. At MySIPonline, we are dedicated to providing you with the best services. We never compromise with the quality on the cost of our own benefit. Hence, you can invest in TATA India Consumer Fund (Growth) through our website using the SIP investment option. Also, you get an army of other online tools such as the SIP Calculator, Tax Calculator, and the first-hand expert recommendations that make your investment experience buttery smooth.
  • Establishment of Healthy Investment Habits: TATA Indian Consumer Fund (G) follows a no-nonsense policy, in which it has imposed a punishment on early redemptions. While the normal lock-in in most schemes is 365 days, the fund has raised this limit to 540 days, so that the investors do not get intrigued by the notion of early redemptions and hence, do not face any losses. This thus allows them to pass through the entire growth cycle of the market, leaving them with more wealth in hand by the maturity.
  • The Portfolio Built: The reason for the success or failure of any mutual fund lies in the way in which it has been created by the fund managers. If the fund’s underlying portfolio suffers poor incorporation of stocks and a weak structure, then there are high chances for the fund to lose its energy to perform in the market. However, in the case of TATA India Consumer Fund, this failure is nowhere to be seen. As evident from its spectacular performance over time, the fund is naturally very well built by its fund managers and holds power to yield better with time.

The Best Way to Invest in TATA India Consumer Fund Growth Nav

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