Sundaram Smile Fund: Redefining Investment Portfolio

Sundaram Smile Fund growth is an aggressively managed small-cap equity plan, which is designed by Sundaram Mf. It is a dynamic plan that plays the mid- and small-cap spaces with the cushion of around 35% in the large-cap funds. This scheme has the set benchmark, i.e., S&P BSE Small Cap Index. Sundaram Smile fund growth is suitable for the investors with a three- to five-year investment horizon.

Sundaram Smile Fund NAV of Rs.80.76 has an outstanding performance in the market. It has outperformed its benchmark and category by offering desirable returns. Being a growth-oriented mutual fund investment plan, it appreciates the worth of capital and offers huge wealth over a period of time. Sundaram smile fund also facilitates investors in buying the SIP to make the investment even more convenient by making a regular payment of a certain amount. If you wish to buy sundaram smile fund growth scheme for your portfolio, you must know everything about the same to take an apt decision. So, read further to get an insight of sundaram smile fund features.

Sundaram Smile Growth Fund: Investment Details

This scheme was launched in February 2005, primarily to attain capital appreciation by investing the funds in the diversified stocks which are commonly known as mid- and small-cap stocks. In addition, it has also made investments in many other equity-related instruments. Sundaram smile fund growth is best suited to the ones who are seeking long-term investments in the diversified stocks. Mr S. Krishnakumar is the fund manager of sundaram smile growth fund scheme who is managing this strategy since December 2006. To get some more knowledge about the evaluation of performance of sundaram smile fund growth online investment and its portfolio analysis, read further.

Sundaram SMILE Fund Growth: Portfolio Analysis

Sundaram smile fund programme holds the asset size of Rs.1,113 crore as on September 30, 2016. The average market capitalisation of the same is Rs.2,584 crore which is higher than the market cap of its benchmark. The major allotment of sundaram smile growth fund scheme is in the equity stock, i.e., 99.09%, and hence it gains maximum returns from the performances of shares and stocks. In addition, 1.32% of the assets has also been invested in the debt securities.
Moreover, the sector allocation graph depicts that the majority of the funds are put in the construction, engineering, services, financial, healthcare, and FMCG industries. The top holdings of sundaram smile fund growth plan include V-Guard Industries, JK Cement, Navin Fluorine International, Rane Holdings, Heidelberg Cement India, and many more.

Sundaram SMILE: Performance Review

The scheme holds a remarkable market position with the third rank under ‘Small & Mid Cap’ category by CRISIL for the quarter ended in June 2016. It has been offering tremendous absolute annual returns since its inception which has reached up to 108.2% in 2014. Furthermore, the annualised returns for three- and five-year investment horizon are 42.4% and 23.1% respectively. With this, sundaram smile growth is providing capital appreciation to the investors in the long run and helping them in growing their money.

Since inception, the aggregate return generated by this strategy is 19.3% as against 11.2% of the benchmark. Accordingly, its substantial returns are the best for investors to grow wealth in the future.

Henceforth, the Sundaram SMILE Fund, a growth mutual fund has the potential to offer the expected returns to the investors. Its performance and portfolio concentration show that it is one of the most promising strategies which must be added in the portfolio to provide it more worth and productivity.

If you are among the long-term investors, then you must opt for sundaram smile fund growth plan for making a fortune for yourself. We have various solutions to help you in taking a right decision and one of them is SIP Calculator. You must get associated with us to make a wealthy investment.

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  • Investing in sundaram small cap fund was a unique decision for me as I usually don’t invest in small cap funds. Though it involves high risk but the rate of return that I am receiving is also high compared to the other investments that I have made. I would like to thank the experts at MySIPonline who encouraged and built up my confidence to invest in it. I am grateful to you all for guiding me all the way through without charging anything.

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