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SBI Bluechip Fund is proved to be the best fund for my portfolio as it is providing me with the best returns. I wanted stability in income, and that is what I am getting now. It is all possible because of MySIPonline with the assistance of whom I could opt for SBI Blue chip fund G for my portfolio. Thanks a lot guys.
Shubham Choudhary
I had to invest my money in safe schemes which provide me with the best returns in a consistent manner. Out of the various plans available I was totally confused which one to opt for. Then I approached MySIPonline for helping me out. They first analysed my requirements and penned down my investment goals. Then they provided me with the list of a few schemes matching my needs to opt for. By evaluating the scheme’s performances and portfolio, I opted for SBI Bluechip Fund for my portfolio. It was simple, and I could do it with their help. Thanks, team.
Anudeep Kaur
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