Mirae Asset Tax Saver Fund: A Tax Saving Plan

It is a topic of great discussion amongst investors that whether they should go for schemes generating returns or select the ones that are tax-friendly. What is our take on the situation? Well, we suggest that the answer to it is that you should choose both. Apart from judging the scheme by its tax-saving ability, you should also consider the rate of returns that it reaps in the future. In such cases, Equity Linked Savings Scheme or simply ELSS is the best options to choose. When talking about the ELSS funds, it is hard to miss the name of Mirae Asset Tax Saver Fund. Out of the many options offered to reduce tax liabilities in India, ELSS is the most reliable and high-end performance funds. Investing in Mirae Asset Tax Saver Fund Growth is an ideal choice for the ones looking for wealth generation as they majorly invest in equities to ensure the influx of long-term yields.

An Overview of Mirae Asset Tax Saver Fund

Being an open-ended ELSS scheme, Mirae Asset Tax Saver Fund(G) primarily invests in the equity of large-cap companies. This way it assures more growth opportunities for the investors along with least volatility of market swings. It is among the top-performing ELSS mutual funds which diversify the total investable capital into various sectors but predominantly in the financial segment. It was launched on December 28, 2015, by Mirae Asset Fund House with the objective of creating wealth in the long term.

Mirae Asset Tax Saver Fund is one of the best choices for the investors who want to attain the long-term financial benefit through investments via SIP. Many a time, it has managed to outpace both its benchmark, i.e., S&P BSE 200, and peers, with a considerably good margin. It has performed better than all its competitors mostly all the time to fetch excellent returns for its investors.

Investment Objective:

The primary investment objective of this scheme of Mirae Asset Mutual Fund is to generate long-term capital growth from a diversified portfolio which predominantly includes equity and equity-related instruments. It is the best fit for people who have risk appetite ranging from moderate to high scale.

Investment Details About the Scheme:

The Japanese word ‘Mirae’ signifies ‘Future.’ The asset management company has brought the idea of creating assets, i.e., wealth, in order to fulfil future requirements by effective fund management. All its schemes have a high potential of delivering high-capital appreciation in the long-run. Mirae Asset Tax Saver Fund(G) has already proved its capability of providing exceptional returns in such a short span of time.

Investments in this fund can start with the minimum amount of Rs. 500. Investors can even increase the investment amount in the future to gain more returns on capital. Further, as it believes in moving aggressively towards the sky-high profits, it carries a moderately high risk. However, the same can be reduced to the least by keeping the investments for the long-term period. Henceforth, Mirae Asset Tax Saver Fund is one of the best schemes for those who want to create wealth in the long-term period of time.

Strategies That Work for Mirae Asset Tax Saver Fund(G):

The fund house is a firm believer of the fact that the success of its clients forms the foundation of its prosperity. Thus, to keep those clients happy, they follow sound policies and strategies. A few of them are discussed here:

  1. A diversified portfolio of strong growth companies at quite modest prices.
  2. Unbiased towards any theme or style.
  3. The companies in which it preferably invests should have a robust business model, high return ratios, and enjoy a sustainable competitive advantage.

Why Mirae Asset Tax Saver Fund?

Approximately 8.7% of the total assets of this scheme are into the financial sector, further Mirae Asset Tax Saver Growth Fund diversifies the capital into various other sectors too based on the proper research and analysis. The primary motive of the investment analysts at Mirae Asset India is to select the stocks which have excellent growth potential and can appreciate the capital value of the investors. Other than financial sector, the industries like technology, automobiles, energy, FMCG, metals, etc., hold the significant segment of its total assets. Moreover, under each sector, the fund manager handpicks the top performing companies which are known to have delivered excellent business in the past and have a strong expectation to grow furiously in the future. Among the top holdings of this fund, the top ten includes- HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Infosys, State Bank of India, Larsen & Toubro, Kotak Mahindra Bank Grasim Industries, Maruti Suzuki India, Tata Steel, and ITC.

Considering its methodology of investment, it follows growth approach from large stocks. Thus, out of the total equity holding, around 67% are deployed in giant and large-cap stocks. The idea is simple as the more substantial firms depict the leaders in the respective industry which are less volatile in comparison to the other small- as well mid-cap companies. This makes it the best pick for the investors who are looking for tax-efficient options along with capital growth.

Who Should All Invest in Mirae Asset Tax Saver Fund Growth?

Investors who have either one of the objectives mentioned below can invest in this scheme of Mirae Asset Mutual Fund:

  1. Capital Appreciation : This particular aims to capture growth opportunities through equities. ELSS, being an equity fund has greater potential to generate returns over the long-term tenure.
  2. Tax Savings : You can save up to Rs 46,350 by investing Rs 1.5 lakh (for the highest tax bracket). Moreover, it has the lowest lock-in period of just three years amongst all others option available under Section 80C of the Income Tax of India, 1961.

We hope you have made your mind to invest in this rewarding ELSS scheme of Mirae Asset. In case you wish to know more about this one or any other, you can connect with us via call.