ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund : Enriching Portfolio

ICICI Pru Value Discovery Fund growth was launched in 2004 is a diversified equity plan, and ranked first as per the CRISIL ranking, for the quarter ended 2016. It is a mutual fund program by one of the best AMCs, i.e., ICICI Mutual Fund. The primary objective of icici value discovery fund g strategy is to generate returns through a combination of dividend income and capital growth. This growth fund has a well-diversified portfolio, in which assets are majorly allocated in the value stocks.

With an aim to cater the needs of investors, icici prudential value discovery fund growth plan offers an opportunity to invest in the leading companies at a discounted rate. This Fund follows the value investment philosophy and buys stocks having high growth potential at a reduced price, which realise their fair value over the long-term period. ICICI Value Discovery Growth fund seeks to identify the most advantageous stocks which are priced lower as compared to their history and capacitates building higher returns. With this, ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund makes the investment in those securities and designs a weighted portfolio.

ICICI Value Discovery Fund : Investment Philosophy

ICICI Pru Value Discovery Fund growth scheme follows bargaining strategy and hunts for valuable stocks. The fund growth performance picks the investment on the basis of evaluation of the critical parameters. It makes the investment in the diversified portfolio of stocks which is spread across various sectors. This is best mutual Fund suitable for the investors who are seeking long-term wealth creation solution and a diversified plan to generate returns by investing in the stocks having attractive valuations.

ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund Growth : Performance Evaluation

This ICICI Value Discovery Fund growth scheme values extremely higher as compared to the various strategies in its category. The fund managers of ICICI MF have designed this growth plan in order to provide the best results, which are actually visible by its track record.

  1. ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund NAV as amounted to Rs.127.440 as on September 22, 2016, has helped many investors in yielding better worth on their investments.
  2. It holds five-star rating under its category which shows market possession and hence ensures its proficiency.
  3. The annualised returns for investments in icici pru value discovery fund held for three- and five-year horizon, are 33.90% and 24%, respectively.
  4. Its returns record depicts that fund has maintained consistency since its inception and have outperformed its set benchmark(NIFTY MIDCAP 100) as well.

ICICI Value Discovery Fund Nav : Portfolio Review

With an asset size of Rs.14,364 crore as on August 31, 2016, icici prudential value discovery fund growth scheme has made investments majorly in the equities, i.e., 89.81% and the remaining 10.48% in debt and money market instruments. It has large capitalisation and blend style of investing. The major sectors in which funds of icici value discovery fund g scheme has been allocated include banking & finance,technology, pharmaceuticals, engineering and automotive. Furthermore, the top-five holdings of icici pru value discovery fund include : 

  • HDFC Bank Ltd.
  • Sun Pharmaceuticals Inds.
  • Larsen & Toubro
  • ICICI Bank Ltd.
  • NTPC

Henceforth, online ICICI prudential value discovery fund growth investment assures yielding of high returns with a highly diversified and focussed portfolio.

Our experts’ team recommends ICICI Value Discovery Fund g online investment in order to attain the benefits of investing in the leading companies. Moreover, we are confident that performance of this growth plan possesses all the requisite parameters which can offer the maximum profits to the investors.

What our clients say...
  • I wanted to make investment in a scheme to achieve capital growth. MySIPonline helped me in opting for the same. The ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund G has increased the weightage of my portfolio and I am earning heavy returns on the same. Thanks a lot to the entire team of MySIPonline which assisted me in the right way.

    Samrat Dadheech Professor