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If you are a moderate risk investor who is looking for a bluechip scheme to invest in, go for ICICI prudential bluechip fund growth. This is one of the best equity mutual fund that I came across. I started my investments years ago, and since then I have experience an annual growth of more than 14% on my investments. In the last 1 years the returns have gone down, but it still has managed to limit the losses better than my other schemes.
Ankur Mishra
If there is a scheme that can be titled the best mutual fund, then ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Equity Fund will be that scheme. I am investing in this scheme from past 3 years and I have noticed that with each passing year the pace of profit has been increasing. This was the scheme with which I started my investment and my initial investment tenure was 5 years, but looking at the exceptional performance I have increased it to 15 years. Thanks mysiponline for suggesting this fund.
Tripti Shekhawat
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