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HDFC MidCap Opportunities Fund Growth option is one of the best mid-cap schemes I have invested in. The fund has provided me with the returns of 11% in the past one year and my investment horizon in 7 years. I am investing Rs 4,000 through monthly investment in the HDFC mid cap fund g scheme. I have a goal of daughter’s higher education and hoping that the fund will help me with growth in capital.
Anita Pandey
HDFC Midcap Opportunities Fund is a mid cap fund that was suggested to me by the team of MySIPonline which has come up as a blessing in disguise. I can never be happier than now, as the team has given me a route to achieve my goals. My worries are gone and I have become a disciplined investor instead. I strongly appreciate the kind of service that the team has provided to me by introducing me hdfc midcap growth fund.
Kartik Agarwal
I have just included HDFC MidCap Opportunities Fund g as well to my list, and it is also performing exceptionally well. There are approx three schemes of HDFC in which I have invested on the recommendation of experts at MySIPonline. Thanks you so much for managing my portfolio so well. I am happy that I got associated with you guys. Special thanks to the support team which has never failed to answer my queries even at odd hours. Keep up the good work guys!
Shobhita Dave
I had my retirement in 2017, and I was looking forward to investing in mutual funds but was unable to find a good platform. Then my Son told me about MySIPonline and their online process. I was going through their researched mutual funds, and I came across some really a good scheme considering my needs, i.e., HDFC MidCap Fund G. I invested instantly and luckily it proved to be the best for me as it is giving good returns from the past 2 years. Thank you so much!
Dhananjay Soni
HDFCmidcap fund sip investment scheme is outperforming and providing great returns. I did not know how can I achieve my goals, but HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities Fund g is the plan which sorted out my concern. I am thankful to MySIPonline for providing me with one of the best schemes to invest online. It’s all because of the team MySIPonline which assisted me in making the right choice for my portfolio as per my investing goals.
Aditya Sharma New Delhi
3 months ago I got Rs. 10 lakhs from selling one of my properties, and as I didn't need the cash, I was looking for an investment that can give me good returns. I was able to take the risk, so on discussing with my brother, I planned on investing in HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities Fund, as it was available at value prices. In 3 months, this scheme has given me a return of more than 30 thousand, which according to me is best. A must try scheme!
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