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MySIPonline has proved to be the best online investment platform for me. The teamwork is really appreciable as they assisted me the right way to make a productive investment. I was not aware of any scheme for investing my money, but with their help, I could opt for the best one that is Franklin India Prima Fund. Thanks a lot guys!!
Kajal Vyas
I started investing in mutual funds five years back and earned a good income, but now I want a change in my portfolio as the majority of the schemes opted are of income generating nature. Now, I want to generate more wealth by appreciating my capital, and when I asked my financial advisor, he recommended me to invest in Franklin India Prima Fund Growth. With positive expectations, I invested in the SIP of this scheme through MySIPonline.
Girish Dashora
Franklin Prima Fund Growth is one of the best plans I have in my investment portfolio. I started investing in this fund two years back through SIP plan at MySIPonline and gained unbelievable experience till now. This fund has never dipped down the four stars rating and has always been beating its benchmark and category in the past two years. It has provided me great returns with exceptional growth of capital. I recommend this scheme as a must-have for all equity investors. Thanks.
Gaurav Lodha
I am a newbie in the world of investment and want to create wealth by earning high returns. One of my colleagues who is already investing in mutual funds recommended me to invest through the SIP plan at MySIPonline. After considering the performance and other aspects of some top funds, I chose to start with Franklin Prima Fund which impressed me with its past track records. All investment processes are so simple and easy to access as the portal of MySIPonline is user-friendly and informative. Thanks.
Rashi Saxena
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