DSP Nifty SDL Plus G-Sec Sep 2027 50:50 Index Fund - Regular - Growth DSP Nifty SDL Plus G-Sec Sep 2027 50:50 Index Fund - Regular - Growth

DSP Nifty SDL Plus G - Investment Information

  • ₹11.15 (-0.0063%)

    Current NAV 16-07-2024

  • 7.27%

    1Y Returns

  • Min. SIP ₹100

    Min. Investment ₹100

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Investment Objective

The scheme seeks to track the Nifty SDL Plus G-Sec Sep 2027 50:50 Index by investing in Government Securities (G-Sec) and SDLs, maturing on or before September, 2027 and seeks to generate returns that are commensurate (before fees and expenses) with the performance of the underlying Index, subject to tracking error.

Basic Details

Key Information About Investing Details.

  • CategoryIndex Fund
  • Inv. PlanGrowth
  • Launched In14-Feb-23
  • BenchmarkNifty SDL Plus G-Sec Sep 2027 50:50
  • Fund TypeOpen Ended
  • Fund HouseDSP Mutual Fund

Investment Details

Check the Fund’s General Information

  • Fund size87 Cr.
  • Min. Investment₹ 100
  • Min. Sip Inv.₹ 100
  • Min. Addl Inv.₹ 100
  • Expense Ratio0.32%
  • Turn over3.53%
  • Exit Load

Fund Managers

Details of Managers and their Experience

Laukik Bagwe-manager-image
Laukik Bagwe

Fund Manage : 10

Total AUM. : ₹12,579 Cr.

Shantanu Godambe-manager-image
Shantanu Godambe

Fund Manage : 6

Total AUM. : ₹5,796 Cr.

AMC Office Information

Registered Office of Mutual Fund Company

  • AMCDSP Mutual Fund
  • Emailservice@dspim.com
  • Office No022-66578000
  • Websitehttps://www.dspim.com
  • AddressMafatlal Centre, 10th & 11th Floor, Nariman Point Mumbai 400021
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  • Conservative investment styleConservative

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mutual fund?

In simple words, a fund is an investor’s safety deposit much like in earlier times when people used to store their savings into a bag of rice, in today’s times that bag has come with a new name that is the Mutual Fund.

What are the benefits of investing in funds?

Investing allows us with an opportunity to earn higher returns on our investment with minimal risks. It grows the capital invested in the long-term and provides a systematic way to secure one’s future.

Do mutual funds generate income?

Investing in funds is a great way to build capital. Long-term investments have proven to be a successful tool to create generational wealth. Deep analysis of the market and risk tolerance can help investors to earn good returns and generate income as well.

How many types of mutual funds are there?

There are several types of funds such as: • Equity funds, primary investment in stocks and equity shares. Subcategories include large-cap, mid-cap, small-cap funds. • Debt funds • Money market funds • Hybrid funds • Specialized funds

Who gets your money in mutual funds?

The income generated on the funds is the interest gained on the invested amount which is fairly distributed among the investors.

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