Axis Long Term Equity Fund : The Growth Multiplier

Axis Long Term Equity Fund growth, is one of the best tax-saving tools in India as well. This axis mutual fund scheme has gained popularity among the investors due to its track records, long term investment and resounding portfolio designing. Axis Long Term Equity Fund is the most favorable mutual fund programme wherein one can invest one’s money via SIP investment plan and earn tremendously higher returns.

Axis Long Term Mutual Fund scheme has been accomplishing the needs of different investors since its inception. It has helped them in attaining the aspired financial growth in the best possible manner. Let us take a glance at the overview of axis long term mutual fund plan in order to fetch an idea about its track records and reviews.

Axis Long Term Equity Fund Growth : Investment Details

Axis Long Term Equity Fund scheme is an ELSS funds programme, which is managed by Jinesh Gopani, one of the best fund managers of Axis Mutual Fund. Axis long term equity fund g nav is an open-ended strategy with a three-year lock-in period, its aims to generate capital appreciation in the long term horizon with a well-diversified portfolio. Furthermore, Axis Long Term Equity scheme predominantly makes investments in the equity and equity-related securities in order to provide accumulated wealth. Being a tax saving tool, Axis long term equity fund growth nav offers tax exemptions under the Income Tax Act and hence allows investors to gain extra income by saving their taxes.

It was launched in December 2009 by the name of Axis Tax Saver Fund and is renamed to Axis Long Term Equity fund with effect from September 2011. Its benchmark against which its performance is measured is named as, S&P BSE 200. In addition, one more feature of the same is that Axis long term equity fund offers an SIP or lump sum plan. One can compute the returns on this plan before investing by availing the benefit of SIP Return Calculator. This scheme is among the best Mutual Funds in India, and among the must-have schemes for investor’s portfolio, with the axis mutual fund long term equity growth nav amounting to Rs.33.65 as on October 10, 2016.

Axis Long Term Mutual Fund : Performance Review

As far as the returns’ presentation is concerned, axis long term equity fund g has offered excellent profits since its launch which is around 19.58%. Axis MF has outperformed its benchmark as well as the category with 29.39% and 22.88% yields for three and five-year investment. Axis mutual fund long term scheme has been ranked second under the ELSS category by CRISIL for the quarter ended in June 2016. Furthermore, the absolute annual returns for the year 2015 were around 6.2%, which were remarkable and helped many investors in gaining financial stability. The investors who are seeking capital growth in the long run and stable growth, can put their money in axis long term equity fund growth and attain high profits to achieve the investment goals for long term.

Axis Long Term Equity Fund G : Portfolio Analysis

Axis Long Term Equity fund g plan is mutual funds investment programme holds an asset size of Rs.10,465 crore as on September 30, 2016. The asset has been allocated majorly in the equity stocks, i.e., 98.46%, while the remaining has been invested in the debt funds. The average market capitalisation of Axis Mutual Fund scheme is Rs.54,110.72 crore as against Rs.145,119.65 crore and Rs.44,918.32 crore of axis mutual fund long term equity growth nav benchmark and category.

The sectoral graph holding by axis long term mutual fund depicts that majority of the funds are allotted in the financial sector. Furthermore, capital has also been put in the automobile, healthcare, chemicals, consumer durable, etc. The holdings of axis long term equity fund growth nav plan include the top-rated entities of the country, i.e.

  • HDFC Bank
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • HDFC
  • Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries
  • Tata Consultancy Services and many more.

Henceforth, with the best features as required, the Axis Long Term Equity Fund Growth nav plan shall help one in fetching the aspiring returns, and thus would help in achieving the set financial goals. You too can opt for the same and avail the dual benefits of saving taxes and earning higher profits in the long term duration by investing in Axis Long Term Equity Fund scheme. Look at list of best tax saving investment schemes in which  you can start your investment today.

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