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Be Ready to Rise with India’s Growth
NRIs, having the zeal to explore investment opportunities in the Indian mutual fund industry, are given the opportunities to be part of the growing Indian economy. India offers a broad range of investment alternatives to the NRI investors to gain the extreme benefits of the securities markets. So if you want to grow wealth for your future with the mutual funds in India, then you are on the right platform.
1. India’s GDP- The Big Picture
GDP is one of the major factors in gauging the health of a country. India’s gross domestic product is rising higher and expected to increase to 9-10% in the coming ten years. Indian and NRI investors are given a chance to raise their financial stability with better investments.
2. Time- Being the Growth Factor
After overcoming the challenges and facing market moves, India has now emerged as the fastest developing nation in the world. With efficient resource power, it has been believed that India will grow five times higher in the coming 15 years.
3. Diversity
The Indian economy has a wide exposure to consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, infrastructure, energy and agriculture, and is a great avenue for NRI investors to grow wealth. With a dominating service sector which is around 50% of the Indian economy, India has proved that industrialisation and exports are not the only paths to a rapid economic development.
4. Government Incentives
The Indian Government is contributing to the economy of the country by making various efforts which involve providing subsidies and incentives to the citizens. This has lead the country to reach great heights and bringing higher opportunities for the NRI investors.
5. Future of India
The Indian Republic is considered as one of the possible emerging superpowers across the world. The demographic trends and rapidly expanding economy are the major indicators of the developing nation. India's domestic consumption, which is primarily led by the private sector, has played a significant role in the growth of the country and is expected to remain firm in the future.
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Join Us for a Reason
No matter whether you stay in India or abroad, the Indian economy always welcomes you to put your hard-earned money and create wealth out of it. You must grab the best investment opportunities with MySIPonline, which is dedicated to serving you as per your expectation.
a) Result-Oriented Advice
The experts at MySIPonline will immediately be available to you once you join us. We allot an individual advisor to every client to help them get their solutions instantly and assist them in buying the best mutual funds as per their requirements and financial goals.
b) Goal-Based Investments
Distance doesn’t matter; you can achieve your financial goals from wherever you are. Indian mutual funds provide an opportunity for the NRI investors to invest and accomplish their financial dreams. We have designed the goal-based investment portfolios for the investors to help them choose the appropriate plan with more convenience.
c) Portfolio Designing
The fund analysts at MySIPonline are focussed on making customised portfolios for the investors to help them achieve their investment objectives as per their financial status. We make sure that your investment in your own country will be proved fruitful for your financial future.
d) Reviewing Portfolio
We make sure to manage that your goals are accomplishing with growing investments, by analysing them from time to time. You too can keep a regular watch on your investments and take prompt assistance from our investment advisors for making modifications if required.
e) Asset Allocation
We know you have some different investment objectives depending on your risk appetite, time frame, and assets, and we are here to make the best use of them. We help you to allot your hard-earned monies in the most productive investment avenues out of equity and debt to let your dreams come true with the growing Indian economy.
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Smart Investments in India for NRI Investors!
A smart way of investing in the Indian Mutual Fund industry is right here. You can initiate your investments in India by creating a free-for-life investment account at MySIPonline, which allows you to take the benefit of the best investment solutions for making your financial future secure with mutual funds.
Steps to Get Started
1. Create Your Account
It is simply an easy process to get started with your investment in India. The NRI investors are allowed to invest in India on repatriable as well as the non-repatriable basis. You need to create your MySIPonline account by providing your necessary details as required, along with the scanned copies of the documents requested according to your tax and residential status.
2. KYC Compliance Status
For every mutual fund investor whether resident or non-resident, it is mandatory to become a KYC compliant as per the Prevention of Money Laundering Act. NRIs are also required to proceed their KYC using their overseas address to proceed in their investments successfully.
3. Documentation
The NRI investors need to submit relevant documents to start investing in India with MySIPonline. They include:
  • An Indian Passport or OCI/PIO Card
  • A PAN Card
  • An Overseas Address Proof
  • An NRE or NRO Account Bank Statement
  • Funds Remittance Certificate
You are required to download the documents from your profile, attach copies of the documents mentioned above and send them to our address for further processing.
4. Ready to Invest!
Once you are done with all the requirements, you are set to proceed for your investments. You can select any of the recommended funds or make a choice of your own from the list of all mutual funds to start investing via SIP or lumpsum.
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Being a KYC Compliant has Become Easier!
SEBI Guidelines and the Prevention of Money Laundering Act(2002), have made it mandatory for every mutual fund investor to become a KYC compliant prior to investing. It entails, verification of identity and address, financial status, occupation, and other personal information.
Steps to Become a KYC Compliant
1.Form Submission
For giving a start to your KYC, you are requested to download the KYC Form from our website, fill in the required fields and submit it along with the necessary documents to us. We will further process it by forwarding to the KRAs for completion of your KYC status.
2.Documents Required
NRIs have to submit the self-attested documents along with the KYC form which include a Recent Photograph, Identity Proof (copy of PAN card) and address proof in India, Overseas Address Proof (Passport or Bank Statement of NRE/NRO account or PIO card). In case the individual is a Merchant Navy official, overseas address proof can be presented through Continuous Discharge Certificate or a mariner’s declaration.
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We Believe in Serving Good to Make a Difference
If you are an NRI and looking to invest your funds in your motherland, then your search ends here. We are dedicatedly committed to delivering you with the best mutual fund solutions at a single place to fulfil your financial needs. Being an NRI, you must choose us for the following reasons:
Goal-Based Investments
You might be having some specific goal for your future, which you desire to accomplish. And as every goal needs to have a plan to get completed, we are here to help you in planning your goals. You can make exact calculations of the amount you would require to fulfil your goal, and we assist you with accumulating it in a smart way.
One-For-All Investment Account
Managing an individual account for every family member is a tedious task, and this is the reason we provide the one-for-all investment account. You can add your family member in your MySIPonline account and manage their investments in one go.
All Top AMCs at One Place
We provide you with the best NRI mutual fund plans from all the leading fund houses at a single platform. You need not have to wonder in search of different mutual funds as your problems will be sorted out here with ease.
Professional Advisory Services
Our team of Certified Financial Advisors(CFAs) will help you in guiding the right way of investing. They will provide you with the free-of-cost services to help you manage your finances and investments in order to accomplish your financial goals.
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Your Security is a Priority for Us!
To ensure your data and personal information security, we adhere to the Information Technology Act, 2000 and follow the best industry norms which include:
  • 256-Bit Data Encryption
  • Security of Third Party Access
  • Money Transfer Safety
Compliance Management
Our compliance department adheres to law and order and remains updated with the new policies or reforms to make the changes accordingly. We have a committed team of officers who deal with the grievances of the clients to sort our their concern.
Customer Grievance & Redressal
For Investor queries and complaint (if any), please contact:
Mr Girdhar Chaudhary (Compliance Officer)
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Government Regulation
Indian Government has simplified the process of investing in India for the NRI investors. As per Schedule 4 of FEMA, non-repatriable investments by NRIs, PIOs, and OCIs in India are not considered FDI investments rather they come under the category of domestic investments. Accordingly, they are not subject to adhere to any of the conditions associated with foreign investments. The economic growth of the nation is confirmed with this amendment in the provisions, and NRI gets benefited to a great extent.
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Documents Required
You must have the necessary documentation ready for submission to avoid the last-minute rush for your investments. Being an NRI investor, you must have the following documents available to you:
  • An Indian Passport or OCI/PIO Card
  • A PAN Card
  • An Overseas Address Proof
  • An NRE or NRO Account Bank Statement
  • Funds Remittance Certificate
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Tax Implications for NRIs
As per Section 10(35) of the Income Tax Act, 1961, income received in the form of interest or dividend from mutual fund units specified under Section 10(23D) is exempt from income tax in India, and the mutual funds are subject to deduction of distribution tax in the debt-oriented schemes. Accordingly, all dividends are tax-free in the hands of NRI investors. However, the capital gain on different instruments is subject to income tax on which TDS is deducted, at the rate specified hereunder.
The applicable rates are mentioned below to help you compute your tax liability for the financial year 2016-17 for making an investment in India:
Investment Type Tax Rate for NRIs TDS
Long-Term Capital Gain on Equity-Oriented (Units held for more than 12 months) NIL NIL
Short-Term Capital Gain on Equity-Oriented (Units held for less than or equal to 12 months) 15% + 15% Surcharge + 3% Cess =17.7675% 17.7675
Long-Term Capital Gains on Other Than Equity-Oriented Schemes (Listed Units held for more than 36 months) 20% with indexation + 15% Surcharge + 3% Cess =23.690% 23.690%
Long-Term Capital Gains on Other Than Equity-Oriented Schemes (Unlisted Units, held for more than 36 months) 10% without indexation + 15% Surcharge + 3% Cess = 11.845% 11.845%
Short-Term Capital Gains on Other Than(Listed or Unlisted Units held for less than 36 months) 30%^ + 15% Surcharge + 3% Cess = 35.5350% 35.5350%
Note: Surcharge of 15% is applicable on those NRIs whose Income is above Rs.1,00,00,000.
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Giving Way to Grow Your Money
With our team of Certified Financial Advisors(CFAs), we recommend the best-performing mutual funds to our NRI clients. These research-based funds endeavour to accomplish your investment goals.
Methodology for Selecting Funds
Our CFAs have made the selection on the basis of consistent performance track records over equity, balanced and debt mutual funds. They have assessed the fund's performance over several market phases, and particularly in the market slumps and have shortlisted those funds which have outperformed at the global level. Recommended Fund
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