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753 22 January, 2022

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Details of Investment in DSP Global Innovation Fund of Fund

NFO Launch Date: 24 Jan 2022

NFO Close Date: 07 Feb 2022

Minimum Investment Amount: 500

Fund Manager: Mr. Jay Kothari

Time Stamp

0:00 What is Disruptive Innovation

1:28 1st Industrial Revolution 1800 - Steam Engine

2:06 2nd Industrial Revolution 1900 - Electricity

2:43 3rd Industrial Revolution 1980 - Internet

3:31 4th Industrial Revolution 2020 - Digital Revolution

4:31 DSP Global Innovation Fund of Fund - NFO Details

7:25 Suggestion - Invest or Not?

DSP Mutual Funds launched DSP Global Innovation Fund which is the first & seems best international fund that invests in all types of technological innovation companies. Like best semiconductor companies, best 5G technology companies, best fintech companies, best robotics companies, best internet-based companies.

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DSP Mutual Fund

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