Aditya Birla Sun Life Pure Value Fund - Growth Option

Value NAV 100.5901 0 01 December, 2023

Aditya Birla Sun Life Pure Value Fund follows the value investment strategy to generate consistent long-term capital appreciation. The fund invests predominantly in the equity and equity-related securities, keeping a small proportion in the fixed income instruments as well. Aditya BSL Pure Value Fund invests in the stocks priced lower than true value, but reach their intrinsic value in the long run.

Fund Details

Category Value
Fund Type Open Ended
Investment Plan Growth
Launch Date 05 March, 2008
Benchmark NIFTY 500 TRI
Asset Size(Cr) 4854.0543
Turn over 83%
Min Investment ₹ 1000
Min SIP Investment ₹ 1000
Min Addl Investment ₹ 1000
Exit Load 1% for redemption within 90 days
Expense Ratio 1.93
Fund Manager Kunal Sangoi, Dhaval Joshi
Fund House Aditya Birla Sunlife Mutual Fund

Investment Returns (As on 01 Dec, 2023)

Duration Returns Benchmark Category
1 W -0.72% 1.58% 1.82%
1 M 0.14% 4.02% 3.91%
3 M 9.55% 1.44% 2.06%
6 M 28.26% 0.35% 1.46%
1 Y 30.39% 7.25% 8.84%
2 Y 10.99% 12.49% 13.84%
3 Y 27.95% 23.79% 27.59%
5 Y 13.31% 12.46% 9.63%

Risk Mesasures (As on 01 Dec, 2023)

Std Dev Sharpe Beta Alpha
Fund 17.72 1.24 2.88 1.01
Benchmark 0 0 0 0
Returns Compare with Others
  • 1Y
  • 3Y
  • 5Y

Portfolio (As on 29 Sep, 2023)

Assets Allocation

Sector Holdings
Others -0.22%

Return Calculator

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Disclaimer: Above returns are calculated on the basis of historical NAV movement for the selected period. However, historical performance does not guarantee future returns. Investors must take investment decisions based on his/her own requirements.

Peer Comparison

Fund Name 1 Yr Rtn. 3 Yr Rtn. 5 Yr Rtn.
Aditya Birla Sun Life Pure Value Fund - Growth Option 30.39% 27.95% 13.31%
ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund - Growth 23.79% 29.87% 18.23%
Tata Equity PE Fund Regular Plan -(Growth Option) 21.81% 21.55% 15.11%

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Aditya Birla Sun Life Pure Value Fund: An Equity Growth Plan

Launched in 2008, the Aditya Birla Sun Life Pure Value Fund Growth is an investment strategy designed by Birla Sun Life Mutual Funds. It is a purely equity-based mutual fund plan through which you can make diversified investment in the stocks of multi-cap companies. Its primary objective is to achieve long-term capital appreciation by putting the funds in the equity and equity-related securities. The investors seeking capital growth in the long run have the best alternative of investing their money in this strategy to gain substantial income.

Birla Sunlife Pure Value Fund Growth has been evaluated by our fund analysts to provide you with extensive knowledge about the same. They have come to a conclusion that it is among the best SIP investment plans and can help in achieving the desired financial goals. Here we have given an overview of this plan to make you understand how this scheme can generate revenues for your portfolio.

Aditya Birla SL Pure Value Fund Growth : Investment Details

Being open ended in nature, this scheme provides a high degree of feasibility and flexibility to the investors. It falls under the diversified equity category and makes investments in the stocks and securities of various companies. Furthermore, it has dominant investments in the mid-cap companies and hence is categorised in the “Small & Mid Cap” division by CRISIL. The scheme is expanded into various sectors as well to get exposure of higher profits and minimise the associated risk. It has its own investing style in which it buys stocks that are trading less than their intrinsic value, i.e., the stocks which are valued considerably low in the market.

Furthermore, ABSL Pure Value Fund Growth’s NAV amounts to Rs.45.700 as on November 4th, 2016. It is ranked third by CRISIL in its category and holds three-star rating. The minimum investment amount for making an SIP and lump sum payment, is Rs.1000 only. Its benchmark is S&P BSE 200 against which its performance is evaluated. The Riskometer shows a moderate risk appetite for this plan and thus it is worthwhile to make a mutual fund investment in the same.

ABSL Pure Value Fund Growth Plan: Performance

This scheme has yielded considerable returns over a long-term period for the investors since its inception. Its absolute annual returns have always been appreciable and helped in creating wealth. They reached up to the level of 33.1 percent in 2012 and 96.1 percent in 2014. Accordingly, it has already shown its capacity of generating higher profits. Furthermore, the annualised returns for a period of three- and five-year investment are 37.30 and 22.90 percent.

The investors can contemplate here that the past records of this strategy are remarkable which has enabled confidence among the investors to put their funds in it. One can easily compute the returns of Aditya Birla Sun Life Pure Value Fund Growth using the SIP Calculator to compute the amount that shall be generated as returns by this plan in the course of time.

Birla Sunlife Pure Value Scheme (G): Portfolio Analysis

This fund holds an asset size of Rs.604 crore as on September 30, 2016. Around 87.06 percent of the assets have been invested in the equity securities of the companies, wherein around 57.71 equity investments are made in the mid-cap stocks. Its average market capitalisation is Rs.6,809.05 crore.
Moreover, if we take into consideration the detailed portfolio review, we can come out with the sector allocation of the asset among various industries. They include healthcare, financial, chemicals, textiles, construction, FMCG and many more. The top holding of this plan constitutes the top-growing entities which are stable in their organisation and can yield higher profits. Some of them are Aurobindo Pharma, Gulf Oil Lubricants India, Glenmark Pharma, Atul, Gujarat Fluorochemicals, India Cements, and KPR Mills. Thus, with such a well-diversified portfolio, it can be assured that this scheme can offer extremely higher returns to the investors.

We, at MySIPonline, recommend the Birla Sun Life Pure Value Fund Growth to the investors as we believe that this scheme can earn you higher profits in the coming years. Its portfolio has the worth to yield greater productivity.

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After reading the biography of Mr. Warren Buffett, I got introduced to the value style of investing. But being an amateur in the finance market, I decided to take the route of value-oriented mutual funds. I started the SIP in the ABSL Pure Value Fund and till now the results have been surprising. I have received good returns so far and looking forward to receive even more. I can’t express my gratitude to the team of My sip online for helping me out at every point of time.
Anil Gupta Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
I would surely say that no one can be like you guys! You have been so helpful in providing the best planning services for making a worthwhile investment. Your support and assisted just made my portfolio highly productive. Thanks for making me aware and helping me in opting for the Birla Sun Life Pure Value Fund. It is offering excellent returns, and I am fully satisfied. Thanks!!
Manisha Iyer Chennai, Tamil Nadu
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