Birla Sun Life Equity Fund : Growing Money into Wealth

Birla Sun Life Equity Fund is an open-ended growth scheme, which was initiated on August 27, 1998, by the fund managers of Birla SunLife Mutual Fund. It always seeks long-term growth of capital and regular income through 90% investment in equities and 10% in debt and money market securities. Aditya fund scheme has adopted a top-down & bottom-up approach of investing. A portion of the BSL Equity Fund is also invested in IPOs, emerging sectors & other primary market offerings.

The Adity Birla Sun Life Equity Fund(G) falls under the ‘Diversified Equity’ category and makes an investment in the equity stocks of large-cap, mid-cap and small-cap companies in order to fetch the benefits of the whole equity market of mutual funds. It is most suitable for the investors who are seeking long-term capital growth and investments in equity and equity-related instruments. Birla sun life equity fund g offers the growth option of investment according to which, the income attributed is reinvested and is reflected in the fund. So, to get an overview of BSL Equity Fund NAV, you must have the knowledge of various aspects such as track record, asset allocation, peer comparison, ranking, etc.

The Fund programme offers many benefits to the investors which help them in making a wise investment. The advantages offered by birla sunlife equity fund programme include liquidity, flexibility, transparency and many more. Henceforth, it would help you grow your money into wealth with ease and convenience. The synopsis of the birla sun life equity fund growth scheme is mentioned below that shall help you get data specific information of this fund.

ABSL Equity Fund: Performance Evaluation:

Aditya Birla Sun Life Equity Fund holds predominant position in the industry due to the substantial returns offered by the same to a large number of investors. The performance regarding the yields generated by BSL equity fund Growth as against the benchmark(i.e., S&P BSE 200) and its category have been higher since bthis fund inception. The returns offered by aditya birla sun life equity fund nav programme since its launch until September 28th, 2016 are 25.21% as against 13.93% and 15.28% of the benchmark and its category, respectively. The fund is ranked third under the Diversified Equity category by CRISIL for the quarter ended in June 2016.

Furthermore, its NAV has also been appreciating the worth of investment and creating wealth for the investors since a long time. Birla Sun Life Equity Fund amounted to Rs.587.510 as on September 28, 2016.

Birla Sun Life Equity Fund - Portfolio Review

It is quite important to evaluate where the funds of a AMC are going to get allotted after investing the money. For that, here are some specific details as per the latest records available.

  • The asset under management(AUM) of Aditya Birla SunLife Equity Fund Growth is Rs.2,901.01 crore as on August 31, 2016.
  • 94.81% of the asset in invested in the equities and the remaining is put in debt other instruments.
  • The top-five sectors in which the allocation of the money has been made include banks, information technology, FMCG, engineering, and automobile.
  • The top holdings of birla sun life equity fund are majorly large-cap entities including HDFC Bank, Infosys, Reliance Industries, ITC and Larsen & Toubro.
  • With a well-diversified portfolio, the risk profile associated with the fund has also been minimised and the funds are less prone to fall down.

Henceforth, this scheme has the all major traits which are required by a plan to be among the best ones. You can invest your money in aditya birla sun life equity fund strategy and attain your financial goals. We recommend This Fund to our clients as we believe that this strategy will help them reach the growth, they desire for. You can invest through SIP & LUMPSUM in ABSL Equity Fund using our online services and avail the benefits for the same to grow your money into wealth, And also calculate the returns usinf SIP calculator.

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It's been one and a half year when I have started my investments in birla sun life equity fund. I have no idea how the fund manager is placing the assets, but the scheme has been working so efficiently to provide good returns. I always wanted to invest in a multi-cap fund because it has returns and growth both. At the same time, ABSL equity is offering proper diversification, which is also diminishing the risk on my principal amount.
virendra singh
Aditya Birla Sun Life Equity Fund was introduced to me by MYSIPonline experts as I was looking for a new addition to my portfolio. Its performance appeared really top level compared to the benchmark, category, and other similar schemes, which made me invest in it quickly. It has suited my portfolio very well and has fulfilled the gap. Investing in it through the same platform has been a really good experience and I looking forward to repeating it again.
rishabh sharma
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