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6,061 20 June, 2024

This is a informative and learning video. It describe the methods used to calculate the mutual fund returns and check the performance. It covers the concepts like what is trailing returns what is rolling returns what is upside ratio what is consistency ratio Usually, there are four steps to find out how good a fund's performance is: 1) Finding out Long-term performance 2) Finding out Short-term performance 3) Finding out fund's consistency 4) Analyzing Fund's performance in Positive Market Phase In our previous videos, whenever we have analysed a fund's past performance on the above points, we have used three specific tools, viz., Trailing Returns, Rolling Returns and Upside Ratio. We explain these three tools, and how helpful they are in accurately pointing out a mutual fund's performance. We hope that this video serves to help you in understanding these instruments and how you can utilize them to find out a suitable fund for your investment purposes. #mutualfunds #educational #hindi Tags: How to calculate a Fund�s Performance? Measuring performance of mutual funds Mutual Fund Returns calculation How to check performance of mutual funds Mutual Fund Performance Trailing Returns Rolling Returns How to evaluate your fund�s performance Upside Ratio How Mutual Fund's performance Checked? How to track performance of your Mutual Fund? Fund Performance Tracking How To Evaluate The Performance Of Mutual Funds Trailing Returns in mutual funds How to Analyse Mutual Fund Performance Rolling Returns in mutual funds Mutual Funds Performance Analysis Fund's Upside Ratio Measure of Mutual Fund Risk how to measure mutual fund performance How To Evaluate Mutual Fund Performance what is trailing returns what is rolling returns

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