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5,325 20 June, 2024

#mutualfunds #investing #bestmutualfundsinindia Contra Mutual Funds kya hote hai? Is SBI Contra Fund a Best Mutual Funds in India? What is Contrarian Investing Strategy? In this video, we have covered every topic in detail, including an explanation of the Contra Funds and contrarian investing strategy. We also assess whether the SBI Contra Fund is the best contra fund by comparing it with Invesco India Contra and Kotak India Eq Contra Fund on different parameters. The link includes detailed information on 3 Best Contra Funds: SBI Contra Fund https://www.mysiponline.com/mutual-fund/sbi-contra-fund/mso307 Invesco India Contra Fund https://www.mysiponline.com/mutual-fund/invesco-india-contra-fund/mso619 Kotak India Eq Contra Fund https://www.mysiponline.com/mutual-fund/kotak-india-e-q-contra-fund/mso2204 Chapters: 0:00 Start 01:44 What is Contrarian Investing Style? 02:59 Contra Funds 03:35 Past Performance (Rolling Returns) 05:31 Portfolio Analysis 08:52 Current Performance 10:16 Final - Best Contra Fund 2024 **************************************************************************** Watch these top videos to discover the 5 best mutual funds to invest in for long-term growth (3-5 years) in 2024! ? Best Small Cap Mutual Funds 2024: https://youtu.be/A6DFMI_BRDU?si=tRxniFZdoAYuHGBr ? Best Large & Mid Cap Funds 2024: https://youtu.be/yFfylnBhqtI?si=J-vJM_u0F2dayx-O ? Best Manufacturing Mutual Funds 2024: https://youtu.be/f40OikHwpLI?si=FXXMiAVC8NycwHKD ? Best Power & Renewable Energy Mutual Funds 2024: https://youtu.be/jyzmUB-EiF4?si=zNrjaT5D3PxnBCMl ? Best Multi Asset Allocation Funds 2024: https://youtu.be/2w6Lwr3--XM?si=0RC75XkpH6rNOhuO **************************************************************************** ? Best Platform for SIP & Mutual Funds Investments: https://www.mysiponline.com/ ? Download Android App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/de... ? Download IOS App: https://apps.apple.com/in/app/mysipon... ? Read more such informative content: https://blog.mysiponline.com/ List of Queries Answered 1. What is Contrarian Investing Style 2. What are Contra Funds 3. Comparison of Contra Funds 4. SBI Contra Fund Review 5. Sbi contra mutual fund kaisa hai 6. best sbi mutual funds for 2024 7. Invesco India contra fund review 8. kotak india eq contra fund review 9. Best Contra Mutual Fund in 2024

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