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6,160 20 June, 2024

Welcome, investors! The team of Mutual Fund Talk is back with another informative video which talks about the best small-cap mutual funds [2021]. The top performing small cap funds to invest for long term are shortlisted after taking into consideration the risk-return analysis, investing strategy, and portfolio management. The Best 5 mutual funds (small cap) of 2021 are: ? Axis Small Cap Fund ? Kotak Small Cap Fund ? DSP Small Cap Fund ? Canara Robeco Small Cap Fund ? Nippon India Small Cap Fund Contents of this Video 0:00 Intro 0:34 About Small-Cap Funds 1:36 Selection Methodology 2:16 Return Analysis 3:41 Risk Analysis 4:28 Investing Strategies 6:30 Suggestions -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Equity Mutual Funds - Top 5 Funds of all categories -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Furthermore, here are the quick highlights of the video: ? What Are Small Cap Funds? Who Should Invest in Small Cap Fund Schemes? ? How to Choose the Best Small Cap Mutual Fund for High Returns? ? Which Are the Best Performing Small Cap Fund in India? ? Return Analysis of Best Small Cap Fund to Invest Now ? Risk Analysis of Top Small Cap Fund 2021 ? Investment Strategy of Top Performing Small Cap Funds for SIP Investment ? Suggestion from experts to the investors ? Who Should Invest in Axis Small Cap Fund, DSP Small Cap Fund, and Canara Robeco Small Cap Fund? ? Who Should Start SIP in Kotak Small Cap Fund and Nippon India Small Cap Fund? Moreover, if you are looking for a trusted platform for SIP investment, then MySIPonline is your match made in heaven. The website uses latest technologies (AI and Machine Learning) to provide the best user experience to the investors. The user-friendly dashboard helps the investors to manage their mutual fund portfolio without breaking a sweat. #MutualFunds #Investment #SIP Tags: What is small cap fund High Returns mutual fund Top performing funds Top 5 small cap funds Best Small cap Funds Best High Returns Funds axis small cap fund sbi small cap fund kotak small cap fund axis small cap mutual fund sbi small cap mutual fund kotak small cap mutual fund best mutual funds best small cap mutual funds best mutual funds 2021 mutual fund,mutual funds 2021 best mutual funds for sip best mutual funds to invest now best small cap mutual funds 2021 best mutual funds for long term best mutual funds in india best mutual fund best small cap fund best smallcap mutual funds 2021 best small cap funds top smallcap funds 2021 top smallcap smallcap funds sbi smallcap fund review axis smallcap fund review top smallcap mutual fund scheme kotak smallcap fund review nippon india smallcap fund review icici prudential smallcap fund review best mutual funds sbi small cap mutual fund mutual funds top mutual funds best mutual funds for long term axis small cap fund

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