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5,667 20 June, 2024

NOTE: There has been a misinterpretation of facts, which resulted in an error regarding YES Bank's CEO. Mr. Rana Kapoor is not the new CEO, but previously held that position and has now stepped down. The future CEO of YES Bank will be Mr. Ravneet Singh Gill from Deutsche Bank India. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This video is all about share market updates in January 2019. Covered here are all top share market news, equity indices, top performing and losing segments, sector-wise returns, etc. Along with all the stock market updates of January 2019, the video will also cover economy-related news and their analysis. In the beginning, one can get aware of the performance of the major indices. It is explained that the markets remained negative throughout the month, leaving just Sensex positive among all the other major indices. The change in sentiments is the primary reason behind the downfall in stocks which increased the selling of shares, thus caused fall in its prices. A few of the domestic reasons responsible behind the downfall were a decrease in industrial production. After the festive season, the consumption in the market is low which is directly impacting the output. Other than this, several global factors also added fuel to the fire such as, in the US-China trade war, there was quite a negative impact on China�s trade with a drop of 1.4% and 10% in exports and imports, resp. That is why FII investors depicted massive outflow. The strong quarterly financial results of a few big companies listed on Sensex is the reason for strong buying among the investors. As we proceed, we have covered sectoral returns for January. This will include the top performing sectors and worst performing sectors. We hope that the listed information in the video will help you get acknowledged with the latest market trends, and thus you can invest accordingly. Watch the video to the end to make the most of the market opportunities. Also, if you are willing to make hassle-free investments in mutual funds, connect with us at MySIPonline via our website and step into the world full of possibilities. The experts associated with us can help you choose the most relevant mutual funds suiting your personal needs. If you have any question or query related to the share market or mutual funds, then mention it in the comments section below and our experts will be happy to answer it. If you find it informative, share it now with friends and family now. Also, subscribe to our channel by clicking on the bell icon to get notification concerning all the videos that we share on the latest market updates, mutual funds, and a lot of other trending topics. You can also write to us with your feedback at For more information, reach us through our official website If you wish to start investing, download our mobile app now at For further queries or suggestions regarding online mutual fund investment, find us on social media and stay connected: Facebook Page - Google Plus - Pinterest - Instagram - Twitter - #sharemarket #stockmarket #mutualfundsinhindi Tags: Stock Market Update Jan 2019 Economy News Latest Market Updates Stock Market 2019 Stock Market Outlook January 2019 January 2019 Stock Market Outlook Stock Market Analysis January 2019 Indian Share Market Updates January 2019 Stock Market News Jan 2019 Stock Market Update & Analysis Jan 2019 Share Market News January 2019 Stock Market Stock Market Analysis Share Market Share Market Updates Stock Market Analysis India Economy news India top performing sectors equity indices top performing and losing segments NSE January 2019 NSE Analysis BSE Analysis BSE January 2019

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