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5,915 20 June, 2024

Small Cap Mutual Funds Review for 2018 | Small Cap Funds Analysis & Performance | Mutual Fund Review | Small Cap Funds 2018 Watch this special segment by MySIPonline and know what experts have to say about the performance analysis of the small-cap funds. In the earlier video, we have learned what small cap funds are, the risk and returns associated with them, and the factors that affect the performance of the small-cap schemes. This is the further part of the video where you�ll get details of how to evaluate the performance of various small-cap mutual funds and analyze them on the basis of fundamental principles which can help one pick the best small cap fund as per one�s suitability. The performance of various schemes that invest majorly in small caps is analyzed on the basis of their risk and returns at different time horizons. It was concluded from the study that such funds offer good returns in the long run where the risk factor is reduced to a great extent, and the returns are maintained. Further, the fundamental analysis test of a smallcap fund is done. The drop in the category average returns was checked on the basis of three important parameters, earnings of the stocks of Small Cap Index, valuation, and its trailing returns. As you will move towards the end, you�ll find a list of attributes that should be checked before investing in small-cap funds for a long-term. We hope you�ll enjoy watching this video! Stay tuned with us for more such informative videos, and we�ll help you learn about different investing concepts in mutual funds. You can also write to us with your feedback at Consult the MySIPonline HelpDesk for any information regarding investment in this category. View more such videos in the playlist MySIPonline. Note: � All the Data presented in this video is based on in-house research done by MySIPonline Research Team. � All the Data has been based around readings on 21st of June, 2018. � Index Earnings and Valuation Data is an average of all the stocks of Small Cap Index and is based on findings of the last 12 months, last checked on 21st of June, 2018. � This Data is meant to assist you in understanding Small Cap Funds. Past Performance is no indication of a Fund�s performance in the future. To start investing, download our mobile app now at You can find us on social media and stay connected: Facebook Page - Google Plus - Pinterest - Instagram - Twitter - Keywords: small caps, small cap fund, small cap funds, small caps India, mutual funds small cap, small cap mutual funds 2018, small cap investor, small cap funds for long term, small cap buys, best small cap mutual fund, best small cap funds 2018, small cap funds review, small cap fund 2018, small cap fund comparison, small cap fund risk, small cap growth, small cap india, small cap investing strategies, small cap multibagger, small cap options, small cap review, small cap recap, small cap sip, small cap word, small cap 2018, small cap multibagger 2018

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