Small Cap Mutual Funds : New SEBI Categorization

2,204 05 July, 2018

This video introduces and illustrates the small-cap category of mutual funds. The fundamental strategy to select the best performing small-cap fund is also discussed which can allow you to choose the most suitable small-cap fund for oneself.

This video also describes how to choose a better performing small-cap fund based on the risk to reward ratio and returns under different market conditions. The comparison can further be done on the valuations and trailing returns of the small-cap funds. The best, as well as worst case scenarios of the small-caps, are also described in detail.

Small cap funds possess high risk but can generate high returns. Proficiency in selecting a better performing fund can be quite beneficial to achieve the long term goal of the investors. At the end of the video, the experts at MySIPonline also suggest suitable investors who can invest in the small-caps and the goals that can be achieved by investing in the small-cap funds.

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