SIP Mutual Funds Returns in 2021| Top & Bottom - Large Cap, Mid cap & Small Cap Sip Funds Video | MySipOnline

6,780 20 June, 2024

Hello Investors, Welcome to the Mutual Fund Talk! Do you know how much money you can make from SIP investment in mutual funds for the period 3 or 5 yrs? This video will show the 3 & 5 yrs SIP mutual fund returns in large-cap, mid-cap and small-cap mutual fund categories. It will also cover top performing SIP mutual funds and worst-performing SIP mutual funds in the last 3 & 5 Yrs. Content of the video 0:00 Intro 1:21 Sensex 5yr Chart Analysis 1:58 Mid Cap 5yr Chart Analysis 2:21 Small Cap 5 yr Chart Analysis 2:54 Large Cap SIP Returns - 3 & 5 yrs 4:03 Mid Cap SIP Returns - 3 & 5 yrs 5:19 Small Cap SIP Returns - 3 & 5 yrs 6:21 Summay Key Highlights of this video are: 1. Sensex chart analysis 2. Small Cap chart analysis 3. Mid cap chart analysis 4. SIP returns analysis of 3 & 5 yrs 5. Large Cap Sip Returns analysis 6. Top & Bottom performing large-cap sip funds 7. Mid Cap Sip Returns analysis 8. Top & Bottom performing Mid-cap sip funds 9. Small Cap Sip Returns analysis 10. Top & Bottom performing Small-cap sip funds 12. Comparison of large cap, mid cap & small cap sip returns of 3 yrs Join this channel for more updates *********************************************************************************************** Watch our important Playlist & Videos for more learning & knowledge Three Pillars to Mutual Fund Investment Best Aggressive Mutual Fund Portfolio 2021 Top 5 Mutual Funds - Playlist Top 5 Large Cap Funds Top 5 Mid Cap Funds Top 5 Small Cap Funds Top 5 Flexi Cap Funds Best ELSS Tax Saving Funds How to Invest in Mutual Funds Step 1 How to Calculate your Risk Profile Step 2 Two different styles of Investing: Fund Based Investing or Portfolio Based Investing Step 3 Selection of Funds or Portfolios based on Risk Profile ********************************************************************************************** You can also start mutual fund investments through our Android and iOS applications as well. For further queries or suggestions regarding mutual fund investments, find us on social media and stay connected: Facebook Page - Pinterest - Instagram - Twitter - #SIP #MutualFunds #SIPinvestment #BestSIP

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