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5,648 20 June, 2024

Welcome Investors! @The Mutual Fund Talk This is a very special video on mutual fund 2. O where we have discussed the future of mutual funds in India. Although, the mutual fund industry has achieved an AUM of 37 Lac crore still the product is available only for long-term investment and the primary focus is on risk management. However, other than long-term investing, the new generation believes in medium-term market timing investment in specific themes or strategies. Also, pure trading is also another way to make money. But why not mutual funds should have these products. To know the answer follow the content of the video. ****************** Markers 0:00 Start 0:07 History of Mutual Fund 1:32 Modern Mutual Fund 3:39 Scope in Mutual Fund 4:40 Future Mutual Fund 2.0 ****************** Data Source Investopedia Economic Times blogs AMFI Moneycontrol blogs ****************** Important Playlist Three Pillars to Mutual Fund Investment Top 5 Mutual Funds Best Model Portfolios ****************** Key Highlights of the video Mutual fund history Mutual fund India Mutual fund AUM Concept of mutual fund Benefits of mutual fund Mutual fund for pure investing Mutual fund for beginners Investing Strategies Growth Style Investing Value Style Investing Types of Mutual Funds Equity funds Large cap funds Small cap funds Mid cap funds Sector funds Thematic funds Trading funds Crypto funds Startup funding funds AI in mutual funds Blockchain in mutual funds ****************** Follow us You can also start mutual fund investments through our Android and iOS applications as well. For further queries or suggestions regarding mutual fund investments, find us on social media and stay connected: Facebook Page - Pinterest - Instagram - Twitter - #mutualfund #TMFT

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