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5,798 20 June, 2024

Today's fund review is of L&T Tax Advantage Fund, one of the consistent performers of the tax saving category of mutual funds. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Want to calculate your risk and learn the right way of investing? Watch our Three Pillars to Mutual Funds Playlist: https://bit.ly/2PlBMzI ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Want to know your risk? Calculate it here: https://youtu.be/2308WytE2kc ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? This fund review has been conducted by our head research analyst, and is backed by data from Global Fintech Research. The video is divided into five sections. The first section covers the salient features of the fund, including the AUM, fund managers and minimum SIP & Lumpsum investments. The second section deals with Return test, elaborating the historical performance of the fund, and how consistent it was in delivering returns. The third section involves Risk Test, assessing the risk management and how well the fund performs during the negative phase of the market. The fourth section, the most important one, deals with analysis of the fund's portfolio. Here, various attributes of the portfolio, such as investment style and allocation are discussed in detail in order to give a concise idea about fund's management and how it can perform in the future. Finally, the video concludes with a brief idea about how well the fund is, where it lacks and for whom it is suitable. After each section, our analyst rates the fund�s performance on a scale of 5 so that you can get a clear idea about its strengths and weaknesses. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? DISCLAIMERS: 1) The consistency ratio has been presented on the basis of 1-year returns, rolling at every quarter. For L&T Tax Advantage Fund, we made 21 observations. 2) Returns observed as of 10th March, 2019, and Risks observed as of 28th of February, 2019. 3) The data presented in the Portfolio Analysis has been developed by Global Fintech Research Team. 4) The data of ROE, Net Margins, Sales Growth, P/E and P/BV is an average of the last 3 years. 5) The ratings are based on generic analysis and the conclusion has been given on a general basis by observing all the subjective parameters. And while you are at it, follows us on Instagram: @mftalks | https://bit.ly/2UcgzNq Facebook: https://bit.ly/2Wy0rDy #mutualfunds #taxsaving #elss #hindi ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Tags: L&T Tax Advantage Fund L&T Tax Advantage Fund Regular Growth L&T Tax Advantage Fund Regular Growth Review L&T Tax Advantage Fund Review Best L&T Tax Advantage Fund L&T Tax Advantage Fund Review 2019 Best Tax Saving Funds 2019 LnT Tax Advantage Fund LnT Tax Advantage Fund G LnT Tax Advantage Fund Growth LnT Tax Advantage Fund Review Top ELSS Mutual Funds 2019 Best ELSS Tax Saving Mutual Funds Top Performing L&T Mutual Funds L&T Tax Advantage Fund Portfolio L&T Tax Advantage Fund - Regular Plan Review L&T Tax Advantage Fund Hindi L&T Tax Advantage Fund Analysis Best ELSS Fund to Invest 2019 L&T Tax Advantage Fund Growth ????? ?????? ???? ???? ELSS ????? L&T Mutual Fund Top ElSS 2019 L&T Tax Advantage Fund ELSS Fund L&T Tax Advantage Fund G Tax Saving Mutual Funds in 2019 L&T Tax Advantage Fund Returns L&T Tax Advantage Fund Performance L&T Tax Advantage Fund - Overview L&T Tax Advantage Fund elss L&T Tax Advantage Fund ( ELSS ) 2019 ?? ????? ????? ???? Mutual Funds

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