Is market bull is over ? | Opinion By Top Experts & Fund Managers Video | MySipOnline

6,625 20 June, 2024

Hello Investors, Welcome to @The Mutual Fund Talk Why the market is falling? Is the Market is crashing? Is bull run is over? Well, these are the trending question among investors these days when the market has again fallen today. So in this video, we brought opinions of top experts and fund managers to get clarity over the market. ****************************************************************************************** Markers 0:00 Start 0:22 Saurabh Mukherji Opinion 0:54 Sandeep Tondon Opinion 1:42 Shankar Sharma Opinion 2:09 Harish Krishnan Opinion 2:30 Mark Mobius Opinion ****************************************************************************************** Data Source Secondary Research Economic Times Blogs Moneycontrol Blogs CNBV Tv 18 ****************************************************************************************** Important Playlist Three Pillars to Mutual Fund Investment Top 5 Mutual Funds Best Model Portfolios ****************** Follow us You can also start mutual fund investments through our Android and iOS applications as well. For further queries or suggestions regarding mutual fund investments, find us on social media and stay connected: Facebook Page - Pinterest - Instagram - Twitter - #mutualfund #marketfall

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