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5,654 20 June, 2024

Mutual Fund investment was one of the most trending topics of 2018. A lot of new investors joined the league and a lot more are waiting to start, but one common issue that is restricting them from doing so is �How to Pick a Good Mutual Fund Scheme?.� So, we have launched the video to aware investors of how they can do mutual fund analysis on their own and select the top mutual fund schemes to enjoy optimal growth in the long term. Some basic checks that are explained in the video for choosing the right mutual fund schemes are as follows: 1. How to use Asset Size of mutual funds to select a scheme? 2. Is the age of a mutual fund scheme plays a big role in the selection process? 3. How to use returns and risk parameters to analyze a mutual fund? 4. How to use risk measures such as Beta, Sharpe, Alpha, and 5. Standard Deviation to know the quality of a mutual fund? 5. How to know if a mutual fund scheme suits your risk profile? In addition to these, some other deciding factors have also been discussed to ensure that the next mutual fund scheme you choose tend to be a great one. So, watch the video now to know how to analyze a mutual fund scheme. In case you are looking for new mutual fund schemes for investment, visit our website to get your hands on the best. Besides, if you wish to start mutual fund investments, download our mobile app now at or visit our page at For further queries or suggestions regarding mutual fund investments, find us on social media and stay connected: Facebook Page - Google Plus - Pinterest - Instagram - Twitter - Keywords : mutual funds mutual fund investment investment in mutual funds invest in mutual funds investing in mutual funds online mutual fund online mutual fund investment mutual funds india mutual funds for beginners right mutual fund to invest in India mutual fund schemes good mutual funds to invest mutual fund analysis good mutual funds for 2018-19 mutual funds sip how to select best mutual funds Mutual Funds Explained for beginners In India Beginner's guide to Mutual Fund Investment Mutual Funds For Beginners India How to identify the correct mutual funds? Introduction to Mutual Funds in India how to buy mutual fund first time step by step guide for beginner Mutual funds for Beginners

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